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2022 – What lies ahead for e-health?

By on

As we head into 2022 the ways technical innovation can support the health sector is a key focus for the work at the South West Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications (SWCoESA).

From user-centred design thinking to the potential of the #metaverse#ehealth Business Engagement Officer Sharon Addinall says “there are so many exciting projects taking shape in the South West that 2022 is going to be a really interesting one!

“When you start exploring what the #metaverse is and what it could bring to the health sector, you begin to imagine how public health messages could have more impact, or how a virtual version of your healthier self might encourage you to achieve health goals. By using health metrics, your avatar can take you inside a world where you can understand the impact of your lifestyle choices, and how changing diet/exercise/environment could create a better you. This is certainly a fascinating area with a multitude of possibilities for satellite data and technology to be used.”

Another area of interest for us has been the care sector with The Connected Healthcare (CHC) project. As we look to 2022, we’re working with local businesses and their app technologies to reduce costs within the care sector, whilst increasing a higher standard of care and improve work opportunities for care workers.

Effective connectivity is vital to the delivery of digital concepts if we are to ensure equality of access, and at SWCoESA we’re always looking for opportunities to work with key stakeholders and digital developers in this field. One example of the projects we’ll be developing in 2022 is with South West Ambulance Service to improve connectivity no matter how rural the area is.

In the coming year we’re looking forward to working even more closely with Truro and Penwith College, as they develop training opportunities for students and businesses who want to grow in the space sector. Similarly the ambitions of Falmouth University are exciting as they look to grow their user-centred design expertise, which will lead to impactful innovative ideas within the health, care and wellbeing sectors.

Across the South West there is real passion and optimism about how the region can further cement its place as central to the National Space Strategy, and at SWCoESA we’re excited to be a catalyst in that growth!

If you have business ideas or research opportunities in the health/care sectors why not get in touch to see how we can support you. We can help you access experts, funding and university teams.

Email Centre Manager Conrad

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