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News from the South West ESA Business Applications Ambassador

By on

Hello all!

Welcome to Issue 3 of the ESA Business Applications Blog for the South West!


Last time I mentioned I *might* decide to do an ultra-marathon… and now I can let you know that I have taken the plunge and will be taking part in the “Classic Quarter 2021” in late May.  This is a 44 mile ultra-marathon from the Lizard to Lands End in Cornwall….  44 miles  / 70km… what have I let myself in for!?!?!  Anyway – training seems to be going OK. Having a run a 50k ‘training’ run over the May bank holiday weekend(!), I’m actually looking forward to it…weirdly.




Introduction to ESA Business Applications Event – 17th May

Right! On to business.  Firstly, I’ll be hosting an introduction to ESA Business Applications virtual event on the 17th May at 10:30 am. If you are involved in an innovative business and have aspirations of utilising space based data to grow the company then this event is for you!  Click HERE for details.

The virtual event will run for an hour to an hour and a half and introduce the world of ESA Business Applications programme funding with a special session on how to fill in the entry Activity Pitch Questionnaire form.

Any sector, with any innovative idea – which can utilise the benefits of space (such as satellite navigation, satellite communications and/or Earth observation) – can be eligible for funding. So come along and find out more.

Other upcoming events

There are a couple of other events coming up in May – that will also highlight how beneficial satellite applications can be to specific sectors.

Firstly, on the 13th May at 10.00 am an event focusing on Clean Mobility, run by the Exeter Initiative for Science and Technology (EXIST) will take place. The virtual event is looking at innovations in zero-emission transportation.

It will include some excellent speakers on the challenges, innovations and opportunities for zero emission transport, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and regional carbon neutral ambitions.

Click HERE for details.


On the 14th May at 1pm, the South West Centre of Excellence for Satellite Applications is involved in a virtual workshop

“Extreme Environments: From Space to People”. This workshop will look to connect researchers and experts across a range of disciplines with industry. It will feature a whole host of presentations including extreme (space-based) environments, the variation and potential climates of planets, before connecting to Earth through the impact of space weather, accessing space, extreme medicine, human perceptions and visualisations of extreme environments.

Click HERE for details.


Space and Satellite applications in the Heart of the South West

The UK Space Agency and the Satellite Applications Catapult recently commissioned a market analysis study from BryceTech focusing on regional capabilities in the Heart of the South West (Devon and Somerset including Plymouth and Torbay).

The study found that whilst there are no significantly large industrial space players in the region, there is still significant capability and opportunity in areas such as environmental intelligence, marine, defence, digital innovation… especially with respect to downstream applications utilising space-based assets, as well as opportunities in the upstream supply chain. It’s great to see that there is potential for economic growth in the development and use of space-based services in the wider south west region across Devon and Somerset.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact South West Centre of Excellence at


Space Biscuits

During April, the ESA Business Applications Regional Ambassador team had an “away day not an away day” where we virtually met up to discuss all things ESA Business Applications.  We also used to opportunity to have a little fun and make some space biscuits….

My “space pig” went down a real treat!


There were some marvellous creations….…although the worthy winner had to go to Tom Greenwood, regional ambassador for the South East with his amazing astronaut biscuit! Nice one Tom!


Tweet of the month:

I was going to go for the tweet about the 1st helicopter flight of NASA’s Ingenuity on Mars (affectionately called “Ginny”), which, if you think about it – flying a remote vehicle on another planet – is pretty awesome!

However, when this tweet popped up – it had to be the one!  It’s a tweet from Melissa Thorpe (@MelsGoodSpace), the interim director at Spaceport Cornwall, who forwarded an image of the International Space Station with the SpaceX Dragon crew in the background …. looking over the whole of the South West of the UK in the background!!!  Boom! #DroptheMike



ESA Business Applications News

OK – now here is the latest with respect to open and upcoming ESA Business Applications tenders.  See all the details here:

There is also the open call for any innovative idea or application which is commercially focused and utilises space based assets. 50% funding is available from 60k Euro up to 1M Euro+. Contact me or use this link for more details on this:


Smart and Uncrewed Shipping, 50% funded, 15th March – 15th Sep 2021

Seeking innovative user-driven solutions relying on advanced technologies such as 5G and satellite PNT (Positioning, Navigation and Timing) supporting smart and uncrewed shipping. Use cases include Secure autonomous vessels operations and/or remote piloting, Digitalization at sea and ports, Predictive maintenance and support to remote operations at sea, Reduction of emissions and environmental impact , Maritime safety and more….

Image credit: metamorworks



Immersive Reality Kickstart Activity (€60k, 75% funding)

Theme 2 (Digital Twin and Holograms) (Kickstarter, 22nd April – 03rd June 2021)

This proposed Kick-Start focuses on the following types of immersive technologies and themes: mixed reality, simulation, digital twinning and holograms. These technologies have been increasingly utilised in recent years for several applications to enhance the users’ experience and provide digital content tailored to the applications. In particular, this topic has become even more relevant since the COVID outbreak, with many businesses using immersive solutions to run simulations, for staff training and inductions courses.

The UK is focused on only supporting the Hologram element within Theme 2.

Image credit: metamorworks


Circular Economy – Kickstart activity (€60k, 75% funding)

Most organisations today operate in a linear way. A company takes resources, makes a product, and sells it to the customer, who then disposes of the product when it is no longer wanted. This model operates as though there are infinite resources and it generates a lot of waste. A circular economy, on the other hand, treats resources as though they are finite and is based on a make, use and return model. Each resource is used in a way that maximises value to the economy and minimises damage to the environment. The circular model is based on three principles:

  • Design out waste and pollution
  • Keep products and materials in use
  • Regenerate natural systems

The European Space Agency’s “Circular Economy” Kick-Start competition offers funding of up to €60k to teams who have ideas relating to the circular economy and use satellite data or space technologies. The UK is focused on only supporting the Fashion and Textiles element of the call.

  • Part 1: Circular Food and Drinks                 (03 May – 18 June 2021)
  • Part 2: Circular Fashion and Textiles          (03 May – 18 June 2021) – UK
  • Part 3: Circular Urban Life                          (21 June – 06 August 2021)
  • Part 4: Circular Waste Systems                  (21 June – 06 August 2021)
  • Image credit: Fascinadora


NHS Future Hospitals Initiative, 50% funding, 1st April 2021 – 30th Sept 2022

This newly opened tender is ongoing to September 2022 and is focused on considering innovated space-enabled solutions that contributes towards shaping the NHS Future Hospital project initiative, recently kicked off by the Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Such activities may include products and services addressing:

    • Logistical aspects (e.g. track and trace of goods, smart transportation)
    • Improved patients reach (e.g. tele-rehabilitation, tele-homecare)
    • Space-derived diagnostic tools (e.g. imaging and monitoring solutions)
    • Diagnostic collaboration networks (e.g. Artificial Intelligence assisted diagnostic service, transportable point of care solutions)
    • Services for improving environmental impacts (e.g. renewable energy, water treatment, air quality).
    • Image credit: kleinExterior_Graphics


Intelligent Transport, 50% funding up to 1M Euro, 18th January – 24th May 2021

Tender for Feasibility Study or a Demonstration Project addressing the theme of Intelligent Transport systems. The concept of smart cities transmuting into digital societies, and transport systems indispensable for making the life of citizens easier. Four key focus areas: Sustainable and Safe Mobility Based on Advanced Traffic Management Systems, Advanced Traveller Advisory System, Advanced and Safe Public Transportation System, Advanced Rail Transport Management Systems



Space Systems for Safety and Security (4S) Applications, 50% funding, open call to 2025

Feasibility study or Demonstration project focusing on utilsiing space based services for safety and security applications. Areas of applications include (but not limited to) Transport (maritime, aviation, rail, road – manned & unmanned), Essential Services and Critical infrastructures (utilities, finance, health system, logistics), Public Safety (emergency services, fire brigade, law enforcement, civil protection)

Image credit: urbans


Space Resources, 19th April – 30th June 2021

In-situ resource utilisation (ISRU) concepts considering mining concepts used on Earth that can apply to Space in the future. This includes things like reducing use of Water in Mining, solar powered mining machinery, remote and autonomous operations, agile and precise mining equipment.

UK is not directly supporting this fully funded call but UK teams are still welcome to apply for 50% funding via Direct Negotiation on this topic via the Open call (see below…).  



So that’s all from me this month.  Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any interest in any of the above, or if you have anything interesting to share!

Have fun!

Andy W.

Sharon Addinall
ehealth Business Engagement Officer
Sharon has worked within the health sector undertaking administration and management for the majority of her career and prior to joining the Centre, she ran her own business as an Editor for a local magazine.
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