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Opportunity: Project Lead Partner, DARSA: Deployable Active Radiator and Solar Array

This opportunity is now CLOSED

The applications we received for this opportunity have been reviewed and scored. Feedback will be sent directly to the applicants themselves. 

Addendum (6/3/2020) 

  • Amended schedule (see below)
  • The scoring criteria (see below)
  • Ability to include an appendix for file attachment if required

The Satellite Applications Catapult is looking to identify a lead partner for a state-of-the-art R&D project that will develop and commercialise new technologies for small satellite platforms that demand high power throughput.

The aim of this project is to complete a definition phase for a space segment that will incorporate a deployable active radiator and deployable solar array in order to meet the requirements of a mission concept as defined by the selected partner. The study aims to define the products, technologies and commercialisation opportunities that will inform the radiator and solar panel requirements. The outputs of the study will also identify where Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment can be used in order to minimise costs and lead times, market opportunities and a proposed technology road map as scope for follow-on phases of the project. 

The scope of the work is detailed in the table below, with the activities identified for the lead partner highlighted:

Development Phase Activity Description
Definition (Prime) Market Survey and Use Cases Assessment of the overall market opportunities, definition of the totality of the accessible market and analysis of the serviceable segment for a specific set of propositions.  The definition of key use cases will form part of this analysis.
Definition (Prime) Mission Analysis and Requirements Definition of the orbital parameters, interface & accommodation requirements, temperature ranges, payload power requirements and power budgets of the use cases.
Definition (Prime) Platform Characterisation Identify the platform characteristics of a Micro Satellite Platform and a Small Satellite Platform (including cost) to satisfy the mission requirements.
Definition Product Requirements Define the Solar Array and Deployable Active Radiator requirements based on the mission and platform characteristics.
Definition Product Business Case Identification of product offerings and associated value propositions.  Definition of customer segments, size & business model.  Development of revenue & financial models
Definition Product Specifications Define Product Specifications for the Solar Array and Deployable Active Radiator which includes electrical, mechanical and environmental specifications.
Definition Technology Assessment Perform analysis for individual Solar Array technologies, assess different PV cell architectures and options, conduct a preliminary analysis of Deployable Active Radiator design, and evaluate next-generation electric vehicle battery technology and its applicability to space.
Definition Technology Trade-Off Identify key variables and perform a trade-off analysis for the: Solar Array, PV cell technology, Deployable Active Radiator, and battery cell technology.
Definition Risk Assessment Identify the technical risks (consequences and likelihood) and possible mitigations for the Solar Array, PV cell technology, and Deployable Active Radiator.
Definition Cost Analysis Consolidate platform, Solar Array and Deployable Active Radiator costs into a single model. Compare the potential additional revenue vs the increased platform costs.
Definition (Prime) System Engineering & Definition Monitor the technical developments of the different products to ensure they form a compatible system. Consolidate the platform characteristics of the Solar Array, PV cell technology, Deployable Active Radiator, and battery cell technology into a System Definition. Assess the impact onto other platform subsystems and scope future platform work.
Definition Industrialisation Readiness Establish the business strategy for industrialisation (supply chain, manufacturing, assembly and resources) for the Solar Array, PV cell technology and Deployable Active Radiator.


The successful applicant will be required to contribute to the development of the full proposal in partnership with the Catapult and other project partners.

The purpose of this call is to provide businesses present in any ESA member state with a transparent and fair opportunity to present their cases for participation in this project. However, responses will be evaluated on the basis of the wider UK economic impact. From this process, the Catapult will evaluate the responses and select a single partner with which to proceed with the proposal development. The evaluation shall be qualitative based on the alignment of the responses with the wider Catapult objectives. In this case, the aim is to establish and address technology gaps in the UK supply chain by creating industrial and research environments where such outputs can be generated. As such, the Catapult is keen to identify partners that will provide a maximal, measurable impact on the UK ecosystem, particularly in terms of job creation and commercial growth.

Responses to this announcement of opportunity will be evaluated in accordance with the following schedule (amended 6/3/2020):

  • 25 Feb – AO released
  • 3 March – Consultation and questions close
  • 6 March – Questions published on website
  • 20 March – AO closes
  • 3 April – Results announced


Click here to read all the submitted questions with their answers.


This opportunity is now closed. In order to be considered for this opportunity, applicants are kindly requested to complete the following questionnaire. Each section should contain no more than 250 words.  The information provided will be kept as strictly confidential and will not be shared outside of the organisation. If you have any questions, please email

Each question will be score using the weight and scoring as detailed below:

# Question Weight Points
1 What are your key company competences which you believe you can leverage to make this project a success? 1 1-5
2 Describe the market you foresee for High Power Small Satellites 1 1-5
3 What role do you foresee for your organisation in this market opportunity? 1 1-5
4 How will this project help develop your business case for servicing this market? 1 1-5
5 What resources will be available to support the development of the proposal and for the project delivery? 2 1-5
6 How does this project align with your roadmap? 1 1-5
7 What are the principal routes to market for the technology described in this announcement of opportunity? 1 1-5
8 Please detail any additional activities you would like to propose for consideration in the scope of work 1 1-5
9 If you are not UK-based, please provide a summary of specific evidence for support from your ESA national delegate for an ARTES C&G proposal Compliant or Non-Compliant  
10 Appendix: you may choose to attach one diagram for illustrative purpose. Note that any text included in attachment won’t be reviewed Unscored  


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