Briteyellow – Indoor Mapping and Smart Wearables

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“We were pleased to be introduced to Briteyellow through our colleagues at the Connected Places Catapult, who have been leading the SME accelerator programme for the MK:5G project. Briteyellow is a smart spaces technology company that is transforming the way people experience indoor places. CEO Fredi Nonyelu featured Briteyellow’s smart sensor technology at the MK5G Health Showcase event on the 17th of March 2021, demonstrating applications within the Care Home setting. The Healthy Living Lab at Wescott has helped Fredi and Briteyellow develop their business by exploring use cases and opportunities within the NHS.”

John Vesey, Health Business Manager 

The average person spends around 90% of their time inside – whether that be at home or in a public space. However, wcurrently lack real-time information about navigation and tracking for most indoor buildings. We also do not know who or what is inside, where they are, or their current health status. Choosing the wrong exit at a station, missing a vital connection, or being separated from loved ones causes distress and anxietyTo address these issues, Briteyellow created BriteLocate and BriteCare.  

BriteLocate is a mixed reality indoor mapping and sensor platform. The indoor positioning, navigation and tracking systems provide insights that help to make real-time decisions within buildings such as stations, airports, and hospitals, as simple as using a satnav. BriteLocate is created for transport and healthcare operators that need digital indoor location information for planning and monitoring, user tracking and guidance, benchmarking, and optimisation. 

Briteyellow is using 5G to trial BriteCare smart wearables and location sensors, to track individual user location to an accuracy of a few centimetres. The devices also detect the client’s vital health status and send notification alerts in an emergency such as a fall, providing peace of mind to loved ones. BriteCare helps the elderly and vulnerable to live independently, happily, and quietly, knowing that they are never left unattended.  

We are currently in the testing phase of our product development. We will be carrying out user trials with Milton Keynes Council in care homes, and in the community with potential users, care providers and private carers to participate.  

What sets us apart from other solutions is our ultra-precision sensors that provide centimetre accuracy needed to track and guide the vulnerable or impaired within homes and in care homesOur systems eliminate complexity for operators as part of a single digital dashboard, empowered by artificial intelligence, enabling us to provide unrivalled location insights. 

Our technology improves the care pathway by providing remote care for individual patients and clients that ensures timely care intervention. It also helps operators triage care more effectively by providing alerts for those clients that need urgent intervention. 

The Healthy Living Lab has helped to develop our 5G healthcare use case and identify opportunities with the NHS. The Living Lab is an excellent testbed for trialling digital healthcare solutions and provides a route to NHS trials. This has helped us within the NHS care home pathway and provided the opportunity to be carrying out the trials in Milton Keynes. 

Fredi Nonyelu, CEO, Briteyellow 

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