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Our Impact

It is our role to catalyse growth in the Satellite Applications Sector in the UK. Since we were set up in 2012, we have had a major impact on the sector and you can find out more about our impact through our case studies and annual reports.

The latest ‘Size and Health of the UK Space Industry’ Survey, published in 2020 shows that the UK space industry has grown to £16.4bn, a growth rate of 2.8% per annum since 2016/17. It contributes £15.8bn GVA to the UK economy, with 45,100 employed in the industry. Space now supports some £360bn of UK economic activity. By 2030, the UK space sector aims to have captured 10% of a global space market worth £400bn and the Catapult aims to have contributed directly to £5bn of that growth.



  • £74.2m funding raised by supported businesses
  • £25.5m invested in the provision of world-class facilities
  • 723 new organisations engaged
  • 439 SMEs engaged
  • 153 new SMEs introduced to the sector
  • 64 active projects with businesses
  • 26 R&D projects completed

Enabling Benefits on Earth through Infrastructure in Space

The space sector has been transforming rapidly, enabled by new entrants, low cost launch and new manufacturing techniques. New mega constellations are a significant opportunity that enable onward export of new services. We are also expanding our focus to enable and support longer-term opportunities for innovation such as microgravity, assembly and manufacture in space, and space energy.


Our DISC facility at Harwell enables advanced manufacturing techniques for the Space sector and will deliver 4,000 high-value jobs to the Oxfordshire region by 2030 and provide an annual contribution of £1bn to the UK economy through the growth of new companies developing spacecraft and associated technologies.

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Space Energy Initiative

We have co-founded the Space Energy Initiative, which aims to support the UK’s ambition national clean energy policy, but establishing the first orbital demonstrator for space-based solar power by 2030 and a first-of-its-kind operational system, delivering power into the grid by 2040.

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In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD)

Our IOD programme allows companies to trial new services in Space. These missions are the precursors of new sources of data, empowering our data economy and delivering more than £50 million per annum of new revenue to the UK. Our first mission attracted Orbital Micro Systems (OMS) who are delivering advanced weather services and are expected to grow to £50M by 2023.

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Annual Reports

You can find out more about our impact and yearly activities in our annual reports:

Satellite Applications

Satellite Applications Catapult Annual Report 2021

September 21, 2021
Satellite Applications

Satellite Applications Catapult Annual Report 2019-2020

October 22, 2020
Satellite Applications

Satellite Applications Catapult Annual Report 2018-2019

November 11, 2019