Our Values


About Our Values

  • Our values are our truth – what is most important to our team and our whole company.
  • They support our purpose, they feed our culture, they resonate through what we do.
  • They help to set expectations, internally and externally.
  • They drive how we work with each other and with our customers and partners – they become visible through what we do and, most importantly – how we do it.
  • They help us champion model behaviours, and hold ourselves to account when we fall short.

We support each other, we embrace feedback and we share our experiences.

We inspire with our knowledge and insights, and we treat our inevitable mistakes as opportunities to learn and improve.


We are generous, inclusive and honest. We create trusting and respectful relationships which maximise opportunities for all.

We take responsibility for our own success, and for delivering success for our partners.


We recognise our duty to meet the challenges of the future through the opportunities of space.

We are thoughtful about where we focus, strive for sustainability and take responsibility for all our actions.

Why now?

The Satellite Applications Catapult is now 9 years old. We have evolved from an audacious start-up, to a mature, but no less ambitious, scale-up.

Now is the time to capture and define those parts of our broader culture that we value most, so that we can protect and nurture them as we continue to evolve.