UK Space Ecosystem


The Vision

A thriving and connected UK Space Ecosystem

The UK Space Ecosystem brand was developed as a result of the collaboration between the Satellite Applications Catapult and the UK Space Agency. At the heart of our work is a vision to create a robust and interconnected UK Space Ecosystem that not only enables innovation and growth in the space sector but also encourages collaboration, technological advancement, and economic prosperity.

We are on a mission to work collaboratively across the ecosystem to deliver UK strategic priorities outlined in the National Space Strategy for the benefit of society. Together we accomplish this by:

Supporting businesses to start up, scale and innovate

We provide an environment where businesses can thrive and exploit the potential of space through tailored business support services, access to cutting-edge technology and facilities, and an extensive network of industry connections.

Connecting communities to benefit from space data and technology

We unlock the potential of space data by connecting stakeholder communities and bridging industry, government and academia. This in turn enhances knowledge exchange and cultivates collaborative opportunities.

Stimulating the growth of national capabilities

We advance national capabilities through improved innovation services, infrastructure interventions, business scale-up support programmes, and by nurturing talents and skills of the current and future workforce.


In line with our vision, we have developed several resources to support and enable the UK Space Ecosystem

Cluster Directory

The UK Space Ecosystem is designed to support the space sector by providing funding and business support to high impact, locally led Clusters across all regions of the UK. They collectively showcase the strengths of the UK space sector while levelling up the economy.

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Space Enterprise Community

The Space Enterprise Community platform drives the growth of the space sector by facilitating networking, collaboration, resource sharing, and innovation across the UK Space Ecosystem. This centralised online platform connects stakeholders and provides private communication spaces for clusters and other groups.

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Space Enterprise Labs

The Space Enterprise Labs (SEL) are local places for space innovation that are digitally inclusive. They provide access to a digital kit to work collaboratively and engage with organisations across the ecosystem through hybrid meetings, demonstrations and events.

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Investor Launchpad

The Investor Launchpad exists to raise the profile of the UK Space Sector and to encourage investment in the evolution and development of productive space clusters, building national capabilities, delivering strategic priorities, and growing the economy in line with the National Space Strategy.

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Academia, Skills, and Knowledge Exchange

We have strong relationships with numerous UK research organisations. Our expertise lies in facilitating the utilisation of outstanding university research and innovations, aiding the adoption of new technologies and identifying commercial solutions.

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Regional Clusters Advisory Board

The RCAB helps the Catapult and the UK Space Agency access advice from organisations supporting the growth of the UK Space Sector. It is a pan-UK focus which meets three times per annum and comprises of representatives from Industry, Academia, and Government.

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Space Capabilities Catalogue

The Space Capabilities Catalogue (SCC) is a comprehensive overview of organisations working across the Space Ecosystem. The SCC showcases UK capabilities on a global stage, profiling and promoting UK expertise in the use and capitalisation of Satellite and Space enabled applications.

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Business Support

We support organisations of all sizes and maturity by providing a range of enabling services, either delivered by us or through third party organisations. Our services are tailored to meet specific needs of each business, start-ups, and SME. We provide different levels of support, depending on your requirements and objectives.

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Technical Facilities

Our facilities aim to provide businesses with the innovation boost they would be unlikely to find elsewhere; this includes state of the art equipment available for short and long term hire, and access to our technical and business experts for advice.

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Connected Capability Networks (CCNs)

The Connected Capability Networks (CCNs) connect complementary capability offerings across the UK by strengthening ​and linking community activity, supporting the translation of research and ​development into commercial opportunities, and establishing links to adjacent sectors.

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The Satellite Applications Catapult and the UK Space Agency have a close working relationship supporting and developing the UK Space Ecosystem since , including the current Local Growth Collaboration programme between 2022 and 2025. This codeveloped programme of work has four main streams of work:

  • Supporting UK businesses to start, grow and innovate using space data and technology
  • Supporting clusters to formalise, develop and thrive
  • Supporting stakeholder communities to connect and share knowledge, building bridges between industry, academia and government
  • Supporting localities to map, build and showcase their capabilities to domestic and overseas audiences

The Regional Clusters Advisory board also helps provide advice to the Catapult and our partners as we work to support localities realise the potential of UK space sector growth and develop our world-class space clusters, which are at the same time key partners of the UK Space Ecosystem.