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The Space Capabilities Catalogue (SCC) is a platform for exploring UK capabilities in Satellite and Space-enabled applications. It covers a wide range of disciplines and aims to foster collaborations, drive innovation, and encourage Foreign Direct Investment and exports.

It offers an overview of organisations working in the Space Industry, their locations across mapped countries, and, where available, economic data (sourced from primary data).

Since its inception, the SCC has evolved to focus on three key areas: Industry, Academia, and Infrastructure.

Focus Areas

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Working closely with industry partners, including clusters and membership bodies, the Industry segment of the SCC maps organisations within the UK Space Ecosystem. It provides a profile for each organisation, their geographic locations, and economic data. It utilises a comprehensive taxonomy to provide a detailed view of the UK’s space supply.


The SCC can support the discovery of solutions to emerging challenges, inform policy development, and act as an educational resource for comprehending diverse aspects of space technology and its real-world applications. The platform can be used to:

  • Identify supply chain gaps and capabilities.
  • Access comprehensive information on the strengths of the UK and its regions.
  • Foster collaboration and engagement across the space sector and adjacent industries, facilitating innovation and market growth.


The Academic Expertise Portal (AEP) within the SCC maps the Academic Ecosystem related to space research and innovation in the UK and provides insights into the UK’s strengths. The AEP is designed to enable users to navigate the space ecosystem and identify appropriate researchers and institutions to engage, consult, and collaborate with. The AEP utilises similar language and definitions to the Industry side of the SCC to allow for ease of use and comparative analysis between industry and academia.


  • Support the identification of research expertise within the UK
  • Facilitate engagement across Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and Research Organisations to explore collaborative opportunities.
  • Foster collaboration between stakeholder communities and pull through academic excellence into businesses.


The SCC hosts a comprehensive Infrastructure map outlining facilities and equipment available to the Space Sector across the UK. This resource can help stakeholders understand available facilities, their locations, and how to access them.


  • Identify facilities and equipment for designing, developing, and testing space products and services.
  • Support suppliers to promote available facilities to industry and academia, facilitating partnerships and knowledge exchange.

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