Beyond Our Earth

The Beyond Our Earth mission will drive a thriving, equitable and sustainable in-space economy, helping to solve grand challenges on Earth by 2030.


Mission Statement

The Beyond Our Earth mission will drive a thriving, equitable and sustainable in-space economy, helping to solve grand challenges on Earth by 2030.



The Beyond Earth mission seeks to harness space technology and leverage the opportunities presented by space to tackle the challenges of today and unlock the potential of tomorrow.


Building on existing space technologies – in-orbit logistics, assembly and manufacturing will be an integral part of the new space economy and will be driven by advances in robotics and AI.

The assembly of large structures in space, refuelling, manufacturing, servicing and debris removal are all crucial to both the next phase of growth for the space industry, and our ability to solve grand challenges on Earth.

What We Do

On this path to innovation, the urgency of addressing global concerns like climate change, resource scarcity, and population growth cannot be overstated. By championing technological advancements, we aspire to elevate the quality of life on Earth. We will help cultivate a healthier, more content, and productive global populace, fostering societal and economic development, shaping a fair, thriving and harmonious world where humanity prospers and collaboratively confronts future challenges, while nurturing the environment.

The Catapult acts as a catalyst to the space industry, driving research and development, linking supply chains and service providers to drive the future space economy. The Catapult offers facilities and support to organisations of all sizes. We support technology development, testing and validation to help companies develop their capabilities more quickly and commercialise their solutions.


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Agile Space

In-Orbit Service and Manufacturing (IOSM)

Agile Space

Developing space missions and services can take considerable time and upfront investment. The UK has the opportunity to disrupt this by adopting a more risk-based approach, aligning developments to regulatory and financial requirements.

Increasing the UK Space sector’s capacity to take ideas and innovation through to in-orbit demonstration (IOD) will help to accelerate market-driven product development, unlocking novel prospects and pioneering innovation in the space industry, driving our capability and economic growth.

Through the provision of thought leadership, connecting the space industry and building skills, the Catapult is driving the innovative approaches, skills, and standards, necessary to generate revenue growth for UK space businesses and the wider economy.

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In-Orbit Service and Manufacturing (IOSM)

In-Orbit Servicing and Manufacturing (IOSM) is a rapidly growing field that encompasses a wide range of activities conducted in space, including inspection, repair, assembly, and even in-orbit manufacturing. This emerging technology will revolutionise the way we utilise space assets, extending their lifespan, reducing the cost of space operations, and enabling new capabilities that were previously unimaginable.

One of the most promising applications of IOSM is extending the lifespan of satellites. Currently, satellites have a useful life of around 10 to 15 years, after which it is typically decommissioned and positioned into a graveyard orbit. This adds to the growing problem of space debris and poses a significant risk to other satellites and spacecraft.

IOSM is a key component of the future space economy. By enabling satellites to be serviced and repaired in orbit, IOSM helps mitigate this problem, replacing failed components, refuelling satellites, or even upgrading their capabilities with new hardware and software. By extending the lifespan of satellites, IOSM will help to reduce the number of satellites launched into space, thereby minimizing the amount of space debris, enhancing the sector’s sustainability and improving profitability.

In-Orbit Service and Manufacturing enables new capabilities. For example, it will be used to assemble large structures in space, such as space telescopes or solar power stations. IOSM will also manufacture new materials in space, taking advantage of the unique conditions of microgravity.

IOSM has opened a whole new realm of research and development and an array of new asset classes, services and opportunities, all while driving economic growth and advancement.

The Catapult has prioritised IOSM, and this intervention is driving its continued development. We provide access to expertise and facilities, helping UK organisations to meet the challenge, and reap the rewards, of this rapidly emerging sector.



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