Satellite Applications Catapult

Strategy & Consulting Services

Supporting growth of the space sector through value generation, capability integration and market entry.



The strategy & consulting team enables the commercialisation of new and existing space data and services and support their adoption through demand creation and business integration. Our team of experts provide customized services to meet a wide range of business needs.

Value of Space Technology

The space sector is expanding rapidly, creating fresh opportunities across industries to benefit from space data and services. Our experienced consultants can help you understand the business opportunity of the provision, or consumption, of satellite derived technologies:

Realtime and historic Earth insights: satellites provide critical Earth observation data for climate monitoring, disaster management, resource planning, and agriculture, offering valuable understanding for informed decision-making.

Precise location information: satellite-based positioning, navigation and timing systems like GPS offer exact, global, and real-time location data, essential for transportation, logistics, and geospatial applications.

Global connectivity: Satellite communication networks enable global connectivity for telecommunications, internet access, and broadcasting, bridging remote and underserved areas and supporting essential communication needs.

In-space economy: This new frontier offers opportunities for ground-breaking scientific discoveries and novel industries, such as commercialisation of microgravity and edge computing is space, that benefit both Earth and space exploration.

Technological advancements: The space sector drives cutting-edge technological innovations, spurring advancements in materials science, propulsion systems, robotics, and more. These innovations have far-reaching applications, are investible, and contribute to scientific progress and economic growth.

Our Offerings

We provide strategic guidance tailored to your needs. Here are some of our key services:

  • Strategic Advice and Mentoring. Our team builds meaningful relationships to guide and advise space and non-space clients of all sizes to formulate effective business strategies. We know how to communicate the benefits of space.
  • Business Model Development. We assess and advise on detailed business models for space companies of all scales. We formulate ROI projections for established non-space companies looking to adopt space data and services.
  • Market Research. With access to UK space and innovation ecosystems, we deliver robust market intelligence leveraging a wealth of knowledge. Our neutral position ensures objective insights.
  • Business Integration. We guide you on adopting space-based services like satellite communication and Earth observation into your business, to achieve your risk, revenue, responsibility, and regulatory objectives. We bring expertise in building winning teams to achieve your goals.
  • Commercialisation support. We help space companies successfully take innovations to market, providing guidance on market fit, sales channels, partnerships, and go-to-market plans to maximize adoption and revenue.


To begin a rewarding collaboration, email our strategy team at Our experts look forward to helping your business aim for new heights.



We support organisations of all sizes and maturity by providing a range of enabling services, either delivered by us or through third party organisations. Our Business Support team offer a wide range of services that are tailored to meet specific needs of each business, start-ups, and SME. We provide different levels of support, depending on your requirements and objectives.