Our Sustainable Earth

Our Sustainable Earth mission will use space capabilities to enable safe and just outcomes for 500 million climate displaced people and their destination communities by 2030.



Our Sustainable Earth mission will use space capabilities to enable safe and just outcomes for 500 million climate displaced people and their destination communities by 2030.



Space-based technologies have a crucial role in transitioning the Earth’s population to a more sustainable and secure future. From observations to inform how we can better manage our impact on the planet, to analysing clean energy use from space, there are strong drivers and significant economic opportunities.

Through our missions, the Satellite Applications Catapult is contributing towards lasting solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges.


Our Sustainable Earth mission is advancing space-based capabilities to address the drivers of large-scale migration. This mission is helping communities build social cohesion and inclusion, mitigate climate change and assist adaptation to it, reverse biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse, promote environmental regeneration and achieve a safe and just energy transition.

By identifying and quantifying factors leading to global and regional climatic change, the Catapult is supporting the development and implementation of strategies to manage environmental change and improve the lives of people in their own communities.


The Catapults aims to drive sustainable impacts across the UK economy create a sector by 2030:

  • £1bn+ growth in Earth Observation (EO) enabled services
  • Demand led usage by financial services as standard as this will embed usage across a range of future sectors
  • The UK as an EO operator will secure access to data to ensure UK businesses can deliver applications and services as needed
  • Space Enabled Data driving substantial action to mitigate and adapt to climate change
  • A Net Zero strategy, to support the UK Space sector value-stream to decarbonise
  • UK Space sector companies acting on Net Zero and ED&I
  • Investment finance secured for development of a space based solar power demonstrator
  • Companies securing investment finance for sustainability innovations from collaborative R&D, knowledge sharing, new datasets, and/or use of Catapult facilities
  • Hybrid and/or space-enabled applications commercialised and deployed in the investment finance and insurance sectors, and in the transport sector


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Sustainable Finance, Investment and Risk

Inclusive Connectivity

Sustainable Finance, Investment and Risk

The world’s sustainable financial market is driving growth in market opportunities for earth observation (EO) services across all sectors.

Embedding data from satellite observations into the financial sector will push demand for these services into other sectors. Advances in low earth orbit (LEO) constellations will support greater Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of environmental metrics. This will drive proactive action on sustainability leading to improved outcomes for people and the planet.

Inclusive Connectivity

Providing underserved and remote communities with access to robust and reliable communications and connectivity services is vital for future growth and well-being.

Satellite technology offers an environmentally sustainable solution that will support more people getting connected.


Get in touch with the Sustainable Earth team for collaboration enquiries or for further information on our work in this area.

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