Company Spotlight: Agrimetrics

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The Satellite Applications Catapult bravely leaves the technical stuff at the door when approaching bringing new innovations to business, instead focusing on solving the real problems and uncovering unarticulated needs. Only then coming in with their world class expertise in satellite data and applications. It’s the right mindset and approach for the world we live in now

Matthew Smith – Chief Product Officer, Agrimetrics

Our Agriculture Value Stream vision is to deliver ‘a globally resilient agricultural sector supported through UK satellite-enabled products and services’. The Satellite Applications Catapult has access to an excellent network of UK capability across industry, business, and research. Leveraging our unique neutral and trusted state, we couple this expertise with our knowledge to connect suppliers with users to provide solutions, as well as working on collaborative products to develop solutions to industry challenges.

The UK has world leading innovation capabilities and invested £90 million in four centres of AgriTech Innovation. We are focused on collaborating and working with these Centres to ensure the strengths and expertise of the Catapult in the industry can enhance their sector specific activities.

Agrimetrics are a government and commercially funded company that operate a Data Marketplace for the agri-food sector, and one of the 4 UK Agri-tech centres.

Their focus is to enable organisations to safely share and monetise their data, whilst making it easier for data-consumers to access the information they need. Their goal is to help create a more productive and sustainable food system by enabling next-generation solutions as quickly and affordably as possible.

They are working across key emerging business areas, including:

  • next generation sustainability improvement scenarios
  • provenance backed produce
  • predictive precision agriculture

Agrimetrics is directly innovating using satellite-derived data to create value and demonstrate what can be done in this space. For example, they have developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) capable of identifying crops using only satellite observations, that enables groups across the supply chain – from the financial sector and government organisations, to the food processors – to make predictions on future yields as adverse weather conditions threaten production. They have also notably partnered with Airbus to address agronomic challenges – such as improving irrigation.

Agrimetrics is also supporting companies in innovating new satellite-derived data products (such as the ClearSky algorithm) to accelerate their time to value. One of their longest-standing clients is Glas Data – a start-up who have created GlasCore, a tool that combines and aggregates data in a single, easy-to-understand dashboard for farmers. Agrimetrics provide them with multiple data streams, including field boundaries derived from satellite data. Their collaboration is a fantastic example of how Agrimetrics is making insights from satellites actionable for the food and farming industry in real-world applications.

For more information on Agrimetrics, please visit their website.