Technology Showcase: WarnerPatch – Extending Hospital Standard of Care to Home

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“The MK:5G project held two events in March 2021 showcasing 5G enabled healthcare solutions, presented by health-tech companies innovating for a more efficient system. Speakers from health-tech companies demonstrated the potential their products have, to revolutionise the way care is administered in Care Homes and for Bowel Cancer diagnoses. Among the speakers featured was Melissa Berthelot, CEO of WarnerPatch. We were pleased to be introduced to WarnerPatch through our colleagues at the Connected Places Catapult, who have been leading the SME accelerator programme for the MK:5G project. WarnerPatch uses artificial intelligence to monitor tissue composition for reducing the causes of potential amputations.”

John Vesey, Health Business Manager 

Do you know how people come to have amputations? Amputations happen because blood vessels rot away, preventing nutrients and blood from coming through to the limb which leads to ulcers, wound and eventually amputation. Rotting can be caused by different sources such as smoking or diabetes. This condition can only stabilise or get worse. This is not an isolated problem, before COVID-19 in the UK, 40,000 people are at risk of losing a limb within six weeks if not properly managed.  

Only 50% of people survive within two years of amputation. Of those that do survive, their quality of life is radically reduced regardless of age.  

So, what can we do? How can we prevent these conditions from getting worse? Imagine if we had a crystal ball that could foresee the problems ahead while also keeping the patients safely out of the hospital with home monitoring. 

WarnerPatch is that crystal ball. It is a non-invasive sensor that continuously assesses tissue composition at different layers to obtain a 3D map over time. The sensor is attached to the patient in the area that requires monitoring and works as a phone by directly transmitting the data from the patient to the doctor. With artificial intelligence, prediction on disease evolution is provided, so that clinicians can advise toward preventive care. The cellular connection allows data transfer from the patient straight to the doctor using our web application. 

As we start our first human clinical investigation, WarnerPatch aims to bring safe, early discharge and home monitoring for more than half a million chronic patients a year in the UK. 

2020 has left the NHS’ resources stretched and weary, requiring a new way of providing a high standard of care leveraging the latest technologies while managing current resources. WarnerPatch was developed to account for the inevitable digital care shift, empowering patients, and healthcare providers in safe remote monitoring. With artificial intelligence, the probability of the disease evolution prediction will better inform clinicians to augment their decision-making process. 

WarnerPatch is excited to announce that in the short term, we will be working with the Healthy Living Lab to consider trialing and evaluate our product toward real-life implementation.

Dr Melissa Berthelot, CEO, WarnerPatch 

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