The UK Space Sector Supply Chain report published

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An independent report prepared for the Satellite Applications Catapult and the UK Space Agency, was recently published, providing a detailed overview of the UK Space sector supply chain.

Produced by Red Kite Management Consulting, the report reviews the UK Space sector supply chain and makes recommendations on how to develop it to support the National Space Strategy (NSS). It assesses the UK’s current capabilities and examines the economic impact of the sector in and beyond the Space supply chain. In addition, it considers trends in the industry, potential emerging markets, and strategic issues.

Production of this report further builds on the existing portfolio which has been developed as part of the Satellite Applications Catapult’s Regional Growth Team’s partnership with the UKSA’s Local Growth Team, making use of the insights gathered through 17 specially commissioned regional studies.

The report confirms that the UK Space sector supply chain has a range of capabilities and opportunities, as well as a number of structural issues and threats:

  • no major gaps exist in the breadth of the UK’s capabilities, except in launch and emerging sectors;
  • the UK’s strong GEO satellite communications industry and wider supply chain is under threat from LEO constellations;
  • some key UK opportunities in emerging markets exist, such as In-Orbit Services and Manufacturing (IOSM), Space Based Solar Power (SBSP), launch vehicles, and constellations, and the UK has opportunities to capitalise with financial and professional services and foreign direct investment.

From an economic perspective, the report found that if the UK Space sector continues its long-term 7% growth rate, it will reach £28bn income by 2032. However, achieving £40bn would require significant stimulus to develop large UK upstream and downstream Space businesses.

The report concludes with six recommendations for the UK Space sector supply chain to support the NSS. The recommendations were grouped into three categories:

  1. A Capability Enabler: addressing the basic requirements of a growing sector for skills and finance.
  2. Capability Developers: existing activities to build capability in the Space supply chain.
  3. Capability Multipliers: new activities that could significantly increase the capabilities of the UK Space sector.

Utilising a taxonomy which has been developed by the Satellite Applications Catapult, a Supply Chain Dashboard has been incorporated into the UK Space Capabilities Catalogue (UKSCC) which provides an interactive way to visualise and interact with data that underpin the report.

Click here to read the report in full.

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