Antonios Maillis

Satellite Communications Engineer 

I have been at the Satellite Applications for 7+ years… And what a journey it has been! I changed roles, I progressed with my skillset, I developed expertise, I contributed to the scale up of SMEs, but also I got married and I was blessed with a lovely child. So many amazing moments on the work and personal aspect which are extremely difficult to distinguish.

I have participated in a great number of projects, starting from the Lab restructure and the Alphasat project to our IOD and the satellite filing of our cubesats, and from Iconic and SUMO, to IPP Indonesia, AMSIT, Defra trees and the DCMS Dorset. During these 7+ years I have evolved as an engineer and as a person, however the most important achievement of mine was that I was given the chance to work with great people like yourselves and not being just a work colleague but mostly a friend. What an amazing thing this is, I developed friendships which will accompany me for the rest of my life!


Trev Newell

Test Engineer

I have enjoyed working at the catapult and would recommend it to anyone. You never know I might come back with new knowledge and more insights in a few years.

Some of the highlights of working here have been the wonderful projects that I have enjoyed working on and most importantly demoing to all sorts of presidents, CEO’s, NASA ‘s chief scientists etc.

It was a pleasure working with all the wonderful people that make the Catapult.


Marilena Kalitsounaki

5G Network System Engineer

I joined Satellite Applications Catapult 2 months ago as a 5G Network Systems Engineer. Even though this happened in the middle of the pandemic, I immediately felt very welcomed! I got all the support I needed from day one and the on-boarding was a fun and exciting experience. Now, a typical day involves working in a variety of different projects with a variety of different people both internal and external, which gives me the challenge and inspiration to grow professionally and develop new skills and abilities. Catapult is indeed a great place to work and learn!


Jessie Davies

Intern – Emerging Technologies Team

From my first day with the Catapult, I knew my experience would be invaluable and exciting after walking inside some electric propulsion chambers. Since this, I have been involved with a variety of projects including both the IPP EO4SAS and IPP Sat4Wildlife, Kenya-based programmes, as well as activities such as supporting the procurement of the new Westcott centres.

From an intern’s perspective, it has been seriously refreshing to be given so much responsibility from an early stage. Although the majority of my work has been remote, the Catapult has obviously taken an incredible amount of time to provide inductions to each different team as well as having virtual ‘coffee mornings’. This has definitely made me feel welcome and a part of the team and shows the fantastic culture the Catapult encompasses.


Matthew Christie

Intern – Access to Space

Joining in the midst of a pandemic, I wasn’t sure how starting a new job would go. However, on my first few weeks, it seemed as if the Catapult had been operating this way forever; the onboarding process was absolutely seamless. From the beginning, everyone I met was welcoming and supportive, and really helped me with settling into the role. Since joining, I have had the opportunity to work on a large variety of projects, being exposed to the commercial side of the space industry. As an intern, I feel like the Catapult provides the perfect balance between letting you work independently and being offered support. This has allowed me to gain valuable experience, learn as much as possible, and helped me take the first steps in forging a career in the space industry.


Cailean Welsh

Access to Space

As my first foray into the space industry, I was nervous, excited and eager to start at the Satellite Applications Catapult. Even from the interview it was clear that the team was friendly, genuine and down to earth. On the day I started I felt immediately welcome and part of the team, invited to social events and was met with enthusiasm from those throughout the company when asking for help. I found it a great place to work throughout my 6 months there and would recommend to both those fresh out of University and those looking to expand their horizons. You’ll find a variety of challenging work and always plenty to do. The company cares about transparency, creating impact and self-development, and it shows in how they conduct business.

Would very happily work with the Catapult again!