Clyde Space

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“Without the Catapult, I am certain that the UK would not be as well positioned globally as a leading commercial space nation.”


  • Now No.1 in the world for CubeSats.
  • 5x increase in turnover in the three years 2013 to 2016
  • £5m turnover for the financial year 2015/16

How has the Catapult helped?

  • Technical development: Catapult and Clyde Space worked to develop an end-to-end nanosatellite mission development kit called NANOBED, a start-up laboratory facility for mission demonstration. NANOBED is now available as a commercial product and Clyde Space delivered a NANOBED to a University in Mexico as part of a UK Space Agency programme.
  • Opening new markets: Clyde Space and Catapult worked together with a satellite operator and a potential customer from the Oil and Gas sector to design a bigger platform for more power-demanding telecom payloads.

“The Catapult provides the link between space technology and real-life applications, bringing together entrepreneurs, big data consumers within industry and government and helping to nurture and navigate the opportunities. The Catapult is a vital part of the UK space industry growth.”

– Craig Clark, CEO, ClydeSpace

Click here to download the full ClydeSpace Impact report.