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Space Wales


Space Wales are the trade association for the fast growing space sector in Wales – A Sustainable Space Nation.

Space Wales have established a Space Wales Leadership Group to shape the outputs for delivering a new space strategy for Wales and are committed to the long-term development of the growth strategy for Wales. The group will liaise with the other Devolved Administrations, UK Government, Local Authorities, the UK Space Agency, Aerospace Growth Partnership & Defence Group Partnership etc. which will help to reinforce that Wales’s strategy compliments the aspirations of the UK as a whole.

See Space Wales’ strategy document here.

Key Contacts

Rosie Cane

Organisation: Space Wales
Role: Cluster Manager

John Whalley

Organisation: Aerospace Wales
Role: Chief Executive

Facilities & Assets

  • European Space Propulsion (ESP)

  • European Space Propulsion (ESP) European Space Propulsion, a subsidiary of ArianeGroup, is located in Newport, South Wales. The facility specializes in the development and manufacturing of electric propulsion systems for satellites, playing a crucial role in the European space industry.

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  • General Dynamics UK,

  • General Dynamics UK, headquartered in Oakdale, South Wales, is involved in satellite communication systems, providing advanced solutions for the defence and space sectors. The company works on secure communication networks, satellite ground stations, and integrated mission systems.

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  • Qioptiq Space Technology

  • Qioptiq Space Technology, based in North Wales, is a leading provider of advanced optical systems and components for space applications. The company supplies high-performance optical solutions for Earth observation satellites, space telescopes, and other space-based platforms.

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  • Space Park Snowdonia

  • Space Park Snowdonia, formerly known as Llanbedr Airfield, is a proposed spaceport facility in North Wales. The site is being developed with the aim of hosting horizontal satellite launches and suborbital flights, as well as serving as a hub for research, development, and testing in the space sector.

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  • The University of Sheffield AMRC Cymru

  • The University of Sheffield AMRC Cymru is a cutting-edge R&D facility, providing an open innovation platform accessible to all manufacturers of any size. Part of the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and a member of the High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Catapult, a consortium of leading manufacturing and process research centres backed by Innovate UK, our team de-risk R&D investment to drive step-change improvements in productivity, quality and sustainability.

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Partners & Academic Institutions

  • Aberystwyth University

  • Aberystwyth University has a strong focus on space science, particularly in the areas of Earth observation, planetary science, and space robotics. The university is involved in various space missions and has contributed to the development of instruments used on Mars rovers.

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  • Bangor University

  • Bangor University School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering conducts research in areas such as remote sensing, satellite image processing, and machine learning for Earth observation data analysis. It collaborates with international partners on space-related projects.

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  • Cardiff University

  • Hosting the School of Physics and Astronomy, research in areas such as astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology Cardiff University is involved in several international projects and collaborations, including the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Planck satellite mission.

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  • Swansea University

  • Swansea University’s College of Engineering offers programs in aerospace engineering, which include modules related to space systems, satellite design, and space mission analysis. It is also involved in research activities focusing on materials science and engineering for space applications.

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  • University of South Wales

  • Offering programs in aerospace engineering and aeronautical engineering, teaching space systems, satellite technology, and space environment. Its research activities in the space sector include areas such as space weather and satellite communications.

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Technical Focus

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Market Focus

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