The sustainability study of the recent construction projects in Istanbul through Sentinel-1 Persistent Scatter Interferometry

Cristian Rossi
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Catapult Co-Author: Esra Erten & Cristian Rossi

Turkey, as a developing country, is designing and performing huge construction projects around Istanbul, now that it is the most populated city of the country. Beginning from the 1960s rapid urbanization has been taking place due to the industrialization, which also brings a huge increase in the population. Yet, construction projects have been accelerated especially during the last decade, and many new projects are scheduled to be finished in a couple of years. Thus, the environmental change that is caused by these ongoing engineering projects should be defined by the monitoring techniques as a function of time. Ground based observations are generally carried out in order to monitor the deformations within the construction sites, especially through geometric levelling, and GNSS techniques. These monitoring techniques provide vertical and horizontal control respectively, thus they need to be performed simultaneously, in order to fully understand the behaviour of the deforming area. However, in most cases these monitoring measurements are only scheduled within the period of the construction process, and ensuing deformations are not generally considered.

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