The worsening impacts of land reclamation assessed with Sentinel-1: The Rize (Turkey) test case

Cristian Rossi
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Catapult Co-Author: Cristian Rossi

Massive amounts of land are being reclaimed to build airports, new cities, ports, and highways. Hundreds of kilometers are added each year, as coastlines are extended further out to the sea. In this paper, this urbanization approach is monitored by Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) technique with Sentinel-1 SAR data. The study aims to explore this technology in order to support local authorities to detect and evaluate subtle terrain displacements. The test site of this study, Rize, Turkey, has been declared at high risk of collapse and radical solutions such as the relocation of the entire city in another area are been taken into consideration. A media fact-checking approach, i.e. evaluating national and international press releases on the test site, is considered for the paper and this work presents many findings in different areas of the city.

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