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Radio Frequency Equipment

Rohde & Schwarz SMW200A Vector Signal Generator (100kHz to 40GHz)

Hardware Options:

  • B9 (Wideband baseband generator, 500MHz RF mode BW, 256 MS memory)
  • B22 (Enhanced phase noise performance and FM/PhiM mod.)
  • B90 (Phase coherence)
  • B140 (Frequency: 100kHz to 40GHz for RF path A)
  • B13XT (Wideband baseband main module, two I/Q paths to RF)

Software Options:

  • K61 (Multi carrier CW signal generation)
  • K62 (Additive White Gaussian Noise)
  • K130 (OneWeb)
  • K541 (AM/AM, AM/PM pre-distortion)


Rohde & Schwarz FSW50 Signal & Spectrum Analyser (2Hz to 50GHz)


  • B3 (Audio demodulator)
  • B24 (RF Preamplifier)
  • B512 (512MHz analysis bandwidth)
  • K17 (Multicarrier group delay measurements)
  • K18 (Amplifier measurements)
  • K18D (Direct DPD for amplifier measurements)
  • K30 (Noise figure measurements)
  • K70 (Vector signal analysis)
  • K201 (OneWeb RL(SC-FDMA) measurements)


Rohde & Schwarz ZNB40 4-Port Vector Network Analyser (up to 40GHz)


  • ZNB-K2 (Time domain analysis)


Keysight Technologies PROPSIM Channel Emulator

  • Frequency range: 220MHz to 4GHz
  • Bandwidth: 80MHz


Keysight Technologies FieldFox Handheld Microwave Analyser N9950A (up to 32GHz)


  • 210 (Vector network analyser transmission/reflection)
  • 211 (Vector network analyser full 2-port S-parameters)
  • 233 (Spectrum analyser)
  • 235 (Pre-amplifier)
  • 302 (USB power sensor support)


Agilent Technologies MSO-X 4154A Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

  • 1.5GHz bandwidth
  • 4 analogue channels
  • 16 digital channels