Distributed Space Systems: Enabling New Satellite Applications

22 April - 10AM - 12PM
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Many satellites comprise a single large platform, including a set of self-contained subsystems to deliver power, communications and payload functions. In contrast Distributed Space Systems may comprise multiple satellites which are networked together to deliver new or enhanced services.

For example, single geostationary satellites can deliver high bandwidth communication services across a wide geographical region. However, constellations of small satellites in lower orbits can deliver a global network of communications services; although there is trade-off between the better performance of large platforms and the enhanced coverage of multiple small platforms.

This concept can be taken further with multiple disaggregated platforms orbiting in close formation, each hosting a different sensor, or even subsystem. There is also a broad range of scales, from constellations of tens of small satellites to clouds of thousands of femtosatellite sensor nodes.

This webinar will present a number of concepts for Distributed Space Systems and a panel will discuss and debate the opportunities and challenges of such concepts to enable new satellite applications. Participants are then invited to pitch a single slide concept for distributed space systems for discussion and debate.


10:00 – Welcome and Introduction – Paul Febvre, CTO, Satellite Applications Catapult

10:10 – Talk 1: Overview of Distributed Systems – Professor Colin McInnes, University of Glasgow

Session 1:

Host: Paul Febvre, Satellite Applications Catapult

10:20 – Talk 1: The new era of satellite communications and networks with mega LEO constellations – Professor Zhili Sun, Chair of Communication Networking at University of Surrey

10:30 – Talk 2: Femtosat Technology – Dr Jim Beeley, Research Technologist at University of Glasgow

10:40 – Talk 3: Nanosatellite constellations and enabling satellite applications – Joel Spark, VP of Space Systems at Spire

10:50 – Panel discussion, Q&A:

Prof Zhili Sun, University of Surrey

Prof Colin McInnes, University of Glasgow

Dr Jim Beeley, University of Glasgow

Joel Spark, Spire

11:20 – Break

Session 2:

Host: Paul Febvre, Satellite Applications Catapult

11:25 – Talk 1: Dr Ash Dove-Jay, Orbital Astronautics Ltd

11:30 – Talk 2: Mike Handley, PolyChord Ltd

11:35 – Talk 3: Dr Matteo Ceriotti, University of Glasgow

11:40 – Q&A

11:55 Summary and Close – Paul Febvre, Satellite Applications Catapult

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