ESP Forum

8-10 May
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The Earth System Predictability (ESP) forum is a virtual 3 day event on May 8-10, 2023. Led by Trillium Technologies and partnered with ESA Phi Lab and Oxford University, together they will help shape how AI is used with Earth observations (EO), data and digital twinning to inform decision making as we transition to a warmer climate.

The goal of the ESP Forum is to build a roadmap to an ambitious future where leaders are much more data-driven in their decisions. By gathering the global community of EO, AI and decision intelligence (DI) experts this will accelerate the understanding of how predictive AI capabilities can become more accessible to decision makers – this is all in support of climate mitigation and resilience.

The forum will bring together an expert, interdisciplinary cohort to define the opportunities and challenges of developing AI (Artificial Intelligence) and EO (Earth Observation) enabled Earth Systems Predictability.

The focus of the forum will evolve through a series of 9 workshops in the three key areas that combined can lead to change. Each workshop will be a collaborative effort of a small group of interdisciplinary participants who will use the initial workshop meeting and ongoing asynchronous work sessions to create a framework for discourse on the topic at the forum.

Forum participants will be instrumental in developing the practical steps required to realise and maintain a functioning and trusted ESP system which is beneficial for climate resilience, mitigation and adaptation over the coming decades.

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