The Shipping Forecast to 2025; Variable; Space Outlook, Good – How Satellite Services Address Maritime Challenges

26 March: 9am-1pm
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The UK Maritime Industry is a crucial element of the Critical National Infrastructure of the British Isles. Having a clear understanding of the increasingly complex commercial maritime environment is essential for stakeholders to operate effectively in the global maritime market. With evolving challenges ranging from security threats, disruption to supply chains and shipping routes, digitisation and crew shortages, tighter regulations impacting emissions, nature conservation and ESG issues, all within a constrained economic climate, it is vital to harness satellite data to keep ahead of the challenges.

The use of satellite services that include Position, Navigation and Timing, Earth Observation and Global Communications is well established in the maritime industry, but the increasing tempo and severity of challenges needs the maritime and space sectors to work in tandem, using new satellite applications to address future challenges.

At this event, representatives from the maritime sector will highlight key issues affecting commercial operations. The event format aims to foster a meaningful dialogue between satellite service companies and owners of maritime challenges, stimulating collaboration and insights.

Who should attend this event?

Commercial and technical executives of ship management companies, port and logistics operators, insurers regulators and the broader maritime industry supply chain.

Business Development and technical leads from companies using satellite data and services providing solution for maritime and transport logistics industries.

Event Location:

National Oceanography Centre (NOC), European Way, Southampton, SO14 3ZH

This is event is part of the UK Space Agency’s Unlocking Space for Business Programme

As part of the government’s plan to make the UK a science and technology superpower, the National Space Strategy sets the ambition to use space to deliver for UK citizens and the world. Unlocking Space for Business will play a key role in enabling this ambition, through the delivery of a range of government initiatives to support the realisation of business, operational and environmental benefits from innovative uses of satellite data and services.

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