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June Satuccino

On 7 June we took Satuccino to London to extend our reach to new communities, including investors and incubators.

60 Second Pitches

Satellite Enabled Cities – Dan Wicks, Satellite Applications Catapult

  • Global trends towards urbanisation are associated with wide-ranging challenges and opportunities for cities.
  • A smart city represents effective integration of physical, digital and human systems, which is enabled through connecting data.
  • Data is fast becoming a form of currency, to be exchanged between citizens, cities and businesses and this is creating a new market place.
  • There is an increasing requirement for constant monitoring and analysis of data and subsequent delivery of business intelligence for smooth operations in cities.
  • Satellites provide a unique mechanism for delivering data across wide ranging applications, from energy efficiency, to green infrastructure, to infrastructural integrity, to heat vulnerability and pollution.
  • Often this is data that cannot be obtained by other means and is misconceived as an inaccessible technology.
  • The opportunity is to demonstrate the value in exploiting satellite technology to address ‘real world’ problems in a sustainable way and to establish the data as core to the evolving market place from which new services and applications will continue to be imagined.

Smart Analytics for Earth Observation – Tom Jones, Satellite Applications Catapult

  • The volume of satellite Earth observation images available to the community is growing exponentially as new missions are regularly launched at ever decreasing costs.
  • Timely and efficient exploitation of this unique data source can enable delivery of unprecedented intelligence insights and services.
  • Stakeholders will increasingly and decidedly incorporate these satellite-derived insights into their decision process making them smart and cost effective.
  • They cannot, however, be delivered through analytical techniques traditionally employed within the field of Earth observation currently in practice.
  • In order for the UK Earth observation sector to competitively address user needs it must embrace technical advances in other fields; including machine learning and computer vision.

Alexis Smith, IM Geospatial – imgeospatial.com

IMGeospatial’s proprietary software AIMEE (Automatic Multi-feature Extraction Engine) converts optical and radar, remote sensed data, into actionable intelligence for business and governments. Using artificial intelligence, AIMEE is capable of extracting at least 15 feature classifications at up to 95% accuracy depending on feature, automatically and without any human intervention. AIMEE’s unique abilities put IMGeospatial at the cutting edge of geospatial analysis technology, far ahead of any competitor. Focussing on the utility and insurance sectors, we are currently undertaking demonstration projects for Anglian Water, Thames Water, Affinity Water, Las Vegas Valley Water District, the State of Nevada, Allianz Insurance and Lloyds of London.

Adam Durant, Satavia –  satavia.com

I’m Adam Durant, Founder CEO of Satavia; we provide digital environmental intelligence for smarter, safer transportation.

Our initial market is aviation and we’re currently working with Rolls-Royce to make engine maintenance planning more predictable.

Environmental factors, like dust, ice, sulphur, and volcanic ash, accelerate wear of aircraft components; unscheduled maintenance costs the industry billions of pounds each year.

Satavia offers data-as-a-service to increase the time between maintenance overhaul; this saves millions of pounds per engine in lifetime maintenance and reduces the cost of aircraft ownership.

We’ve just ranked in the 2017 Disrupt 100 list; we’ve won over €0.5m from the European Space Agency; and we’re sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark Plus.

We’re expanding our team with the best talent in data science and machine learning, and our vision is to become the global leader in digital environmental intelligence.

To achieve that we need investment, and I am keen to meet investors interested in making flying smarter and safer.

Charlotte Bishop, Terrabotics – www.terrabotics.co.uk

Terrabotics was set up with the mission of making sense of the new wave of satellite information through EO data analytics. By using smart algorithms that have been developed using computer vision and AI, and a deep knowledge and understanding of Earth observation (EO), GIS, and our primary market sectors (Oil & Gas, Mining, natural resources and commodities).

Products include the generation of detailed, high accuracy 3D models along with 2D/3D change detection which is now readily supplied to major clients.  Since the start of 2017 the company has expanded significantly with 3 new employees covering EO operations and AI, as well as business development.

With 11 years’ experience of commercial remote sensing and technical project management I recently joined the Terrabotics team to assist with technical product management, sales and business development focusing on our core markets and building key relationships as Terrabotics continues to grow and establish itself.

Alex Wrottesley, Geovation Hub – geovation.uk

Geovation is all about experimenting and developing ideas using location information. Location is everywhere, and our mission is to expand its use in the UK’s innovation community.

You could be a developer wanting to delve into data, an innovator desperate to grow an idea or an entrepreneur with big business plans. You might have an idea for your own project, or be an SME, or corporate organisation looking to get more involved in location innovation. Find a desk, network with peers, seek help from our tech team or talk to industry experts at our events. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

David Piesse, Earthquake Stream

Hi I am David, and at the start of this year I participated in the CrisisHack event hosted by Geovation.

I won the event with a real time earthquake notification service that focused on a small but important part of the earthquake response process.

It takes from 6-60 minutes to receive notification of an earthquake occurring from the USGS which is not real time. Their architecture is archaic and I wanted to apply new web and mobile technologies to speed it up.

I actually got something to work which is always nice at a hack; And IBM, DSTL and Geovation all offered their support in progressing the idea into a fully fledged business.

Since then the scope has widened and the platform aims to cover the majority of natural disasters, not just earthquakes providing super fast, low latency alerts both to end users and also to other servers and services.

Whilst working on this and trying to find additional founders I have progressed by dogfooding what will be two products by the end of the summer.

I needed a super quick geofence ability so built my own. And I am building this into a SaaS app. Geofenced – A online geofence service. This helps me in particular gather some data but also test out components of the bigger platform.

I am also about to open up the Earthquake Stream hack to be fully open and free – providing a real time push service for all earthquakes – faster than the USGS or anyone else to anyone.

I am still looking for additional founders and backers – so please do say hello if you are interested or curious!

Jevon Davies, ALBORA Technologies

Albora is a GNSS receiver company building a first of its kind, Neurosynaptic, satellite navigation receiver capable of picking up multiple satellite constellations at multiple frequencies using RTK for centimetre accuracy in location.

Our unique Neurosynaptic engine emulates neuron behaviour in the brain to achieve lighting fast satellite acquisition, with quicker Time-To-First-Fix in difficult signal environments.

Our receiver is a disruptive technology, outperforming commercial receivers in in low signal environments, attaining location position an order of magnitude quicker, whilst achieving the same level of accuracy, yet costing a tenth of the price.

Our target market is driverless cars, but our receiver can be used in applications ranging from UAVs and drones to surveying instruments and agriculture guidance systems.

Albora is currently raising finance to integrate our technology into autonomous vehicles. We are working closely with the Satellite Applications Catapult, car manufacturers and antenna designers to make this possible.

Tom Mursell, What3Words – what3words.com/

what3words is a global addressing system. It has divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and assigned each one a unique 3 word address. what3words provides a precise and incredibly simple way to talk about location. And it means everyone and everywhere now has an address.

From truck deliveries to family road trips, what3words is helping drivers navigate journeys more efficiently and reach their destinations with even greater accuracy. And for autonomous vehicles, 3 word addresses are changing how people interact with cars.

Ashutosh Natraj, Vidrona – vidrona.com

Vidrona is a European Space Agency BIC incubated business and is an asset management company that utilises data analysis and analytics that generates insights from data collected using sensors on various automated platforms like UAVs, ground robots, and even mobile phones.

We gather raw data from third party licensed operators, process and analyse this data using our proprietary computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms; and return actionable reports to the client on our SaaS based software platform, vSense®. On top of this actionable information, our product allows the clients’ operations managers to better track their maintenance activity. No maintenance task is accepted till such time as the client’s maintenance personnel takes a picture of the corrected component using their mobile phones, upload these images on to vSense®, our algorithms then analyse these images for fixes, and escalate the issue in case the corrective measures taken aren’t sufficient.

Our clients come from industries like Renewable Energy Generation, Power Transmission, Oil & Gas. Through our data analysis and analytics, we are helping our clients usher in a “A New Era For Asset Management”

Toby Mills, Tracca – www.smartsupplychain.co.uk

Data is the new currency. Through the internet of things, we are enabling businesses to gain full, real time, all the time visibility into the supply chain. Our revolutionary system, Kapture, offers real disruption and opportunity to industry worldwide.

Our dynamic sensors collect location through GPS, temperature, acceleration and speed and communicate this back to one, central cloud based platform every minute.

We have developed technology that enables the sensors to last as long as years and ensured simplicity of use and integration with existing systems to maximise the use of data collected.

We have gained interest and traction with: Tesco, Tesco CE, Asda, Waitrose, Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Iceland, Amazon, Fujitsu, SIG, Charles Wells, Smart Bell, OCS, HSBC, Gartner.

 Agri-tech Lead – Francesco Liucci, Satellite Applications Catapult

  • Agriculture has played a critical role in the evolution of human kind and human civilisation throughout history, and today sits in a critical space in the global challenge we are facing to preserve the Earth’s resources for future generations.
  • At the same time, Agri-tech is emerging as one of the hottest sectors for investors – with VC investment totalling more than $3billion in 2016. This is due primarily because of the wealth of data these new and established businesses are starting to unleash and make use of.
  • Merging and analysing multiple datasets, and combining the technology capabilities of satellites, drones, smart-tractors and smart-sensors is starting to leading the way.
  • At Catapult, the Agri-Tech Thread’s impact is clearly aligned with the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development.
  • Thanks to the solid expertise we have in Earth observation, data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications we work towards the goal of shortening the time-to-market and the success rate of satellite-based agri tech solutions.
  • We are doing so by working closely with government, academia and with new and established businesses, and by exploiting a fast-development platform which merge the benefit of cloud computing and multiple, large datasets as well as physical test beds where new application can be tested and validated.
  • Today, such ‘fast-track’ testing is lacking in agriculture, creating one of biggest bottlenecks in bringing agri-tech solutions to market – so overcoming this challenge is crucial.
  • We live in the most difficult and yet extremely existing times for agriculture BUT we have the chance to play a role and leave a tangible sign over the years to come.


ESNC and Copernicus Masters 2017 – www.esnc.eu / www.copernicus-masters.com

The European Satellite Navigation Competition and the Copernicus Masters offer cash prizes, business support, an Accelerator programme and access to a huge network of experts across Europe.  The competitions are looking for new ideas for products or services that use satellite positioning or satellite Earth observation data. Entries can be from individuals or teams, academics or companies and you can be at the ‘early-idea’ stage through to market-ready product.

Entry is via a simple online form, which takes just a few hours to complete. The competition closes for entries on 30 June 2017. To help you fast-track completing your entry in the next 3 weeks, the Catapult is hosting webinars where we will walk-through the application forms for the UK region of the ESNC and the Catapult Copernicus Masters Challenge. Find out more about the competitions at www.esnc.eu and www.copernicus-masters.com

BT – IoT Business Operations Innovation Competition (entry deadline: 12pm, 19 June 2017)

BT is looking for start-ups with innovative solutions to help their customers use the power of IoT applications on their journey to digitising their businesses and operations. They have particular interest in connected assets, connected buildings, connected vehicles, connected field force and supply chain.

ESA Kicks-start – Food Security (entry deadline: 10 July 2017)

This call for Kick-start Activities (which elaborates upon the business opportunity and technical viability of new applications and services, exploiting one or more space assets (e.g. Satellite Communications, Satellite Navigation, Earth Observation, Human Space Flight Technology)) is focused on food security, and is open to ideas for services addressed to decision makers, food suppliers and distributors, transport companies and other relevant stakeholders in this sector.

Airbus – Global Earth Observation Challenge (entry deadline: 24th July 2017 23:59 (UTC+2))

This four-month challenge aims to create added value for new businesses focusing on themes identified as important topics for the global population. This gathers forestry, agriculture, smart cities and maritime, but can be enlarged to any other themes that would be judged relevant. The first two months will be dedicated to ideation, followed by two other months of deepening. Finalist start-ups will have the chance to pitch their pioneering project in front of Airbus Defence and Space Executives and selected stakeholders. The winners will be rewarded with satellite data vouchers worth up to €50,000! Participating in this challenge could also be the opportunity to be integrated into the Airbus BizLab, the global aerospace business accelerator.


Satellite Applications Catapult
+44 (0)1235 567999
We help organisations make use of, and benefit from, satellite technologies, and bring together multi-disciplinary teams to generate ideas and solutions in an open innovation environment.

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