LEO PNT Seminar

1 March
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Megaconstellations of satellites, predominantly in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), are now a reality for communications systems and infrastructure. More providers are entering the market as the opportunities are more deeply understood. There is much discussion about the utility of these large and organised constellations for the provision of positioning and time information in a similar way to that provided by traditional Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) such as the US GPS or Europe’s Galileo.

These discussions tend to centre on technical aspects of providing Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) services from LEO however this is only one facet of the problem space that needs to be solved. The Royal Institute of Navigation therefore is pleased to host an event where we can expose and discuss these additional challenges, for the benefit of not just RIN members but space system providers and potential customers of the proposed services.

The event will be a full day, debate style and we are expecting attendance at a senior level from all sides of the debate.

The objectives of the day are to discuss the technical, value chain, resilience, and business model challenges of providing PNT services from megaconstellations and to bring people together using the independence and openness of a RIN event to challenge and debate. There will also be plenty of networking and discussion time.

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