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Monitoring the Environment from Space: UK Government

17 February - 10:00AM - 10:50AM

While the long term economic and social impact of COVID-19 are far from clear, the restrictions caused by the pandemic have shed new light on the application of space-based Earth Observation. Additionally, disruptive approaches from New Space companies provide new insights by exploiting new techniques that include Global daily refresh. These disruptive insights open up new applications from classifying and monitoring changes in crops wall-to-wall, to identifying and tracking illegal deforestation as it happens. This webinar charts the New Space approach to Earth Observation and explains how innovators like the Welsh Government and Space Applications Catapult are exploiting it to benefit their whole organisation.

Guest panelist:

Professor Richard Lucas, Department of Geography and Earth Sciences (DGES), Aberystwyth University, Wales

Christophe Christiaen, Sustainable Finance Lead at Satellite Applications Catapult


  • Earth Observation: the state of the art science, Planet Labs, 10 mins
  • EO in UK Government, Christophe Christiaen, SA Catapult, 5 mins
  • Living Wales, Prof Richard Lucas, 20 mins

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