Rise and Design: Opportunities in Space

11 March
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Please Note – this is a hybrid event so we’ll be in person at NetPark and on Zoom. The ticket options reflect this so please choose according to your own preferences. We will endeavour to ensure that the online event is just as enjoyable and useful as being there in person.

Space is much closer than you think, and there are a host of possibilities to be had from the use of data, information and images gathered from the hundreds of satellites orbiting the earth.

Traffic management, farming, monitoring of ground deformation, prevention of illegal fishing, monitoring bridges and other infrastructure, all of these and many more are made possible by access to satellite data.

We’ll be hearing from the experts at the Satellite Centre of Excellence in County Durham, and some of the companies they’re working with, to give you an insight into how it could transform your business.

Speakers include:

Mark David, The North East Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence (NESACoE)

We’re really fortunate in this region to host the NESACoE and Mark will give an update on the North East space community, the resources and support available to the space sector and it’s exciting plans for growth.

Pier Lion Francesco Stoppato, Grey Consultants,

Pier will provide an introduction to Satellite Communications (SATCOMs), the role of satellite constellations and the downstream SATCOM applications. It will be aimed at a mix of stakeholders beyond the existing space sector, including public organisations, non-space industry organisations, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.

Pete Johnson, MConnected

“The monitoring of critical Infrastructures in remote areas, exploiting new IOT sensor and satellite technologies.”

Modern society relies on critical infrastructure systems that provide essential services. In order to effectively respond to failures and attacks on critical infrastructure at the national scale, it is vital to have situational awareness (SA) of all the infrastructure sectors.

As part of the European Space Agency INVISON programme, MConnected and Inmarsat are leading a project to develop a satellite-based Government-IOT product that will be able to monitor critical infrastructure and geohazard events and provide predictive analytics-as-a-service for customers. Pete will tell us more.

And as always there will be lots of opportunities for networking with a great bunch of like minded people.

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