Satellite101 for Natural Resources

24 March- 1:00PM - 15:30PM
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Learn more about how satellites work, how they can work for you, and what is and isn’t possible today.
This event is a back to basics, fundamentals of satellite technologies today. Listen to our fantastic technical consultants, Emma Hatton (Earth Observation expert), and John Yates (Satellite Communications expert) as they give an overview on the current capabilities of satellites and space tech, and how they work.

How do different satellites operate? What resolutions are possible? How regular are pass overs in different parts of the world? Where and for how much money can you obtain current or archived satellite imagery? What types of imagery are available now? What are some of the applications that satellite data can be used in? How can we utilise sat comms in our operations? How can we improve our offerings to clients with satellite data? What are the industry specific applications that we could start using tomorrow?

Tune in to the Satellite 101 session to hear our technical experts give their talks, brush up on your remote sensing and sat comms knowledge, learn more about modern space tech capabilities and how they can be used in the mining industry, and have an opportunity to ask your specific questions to experts in the Q&A by registering today.


13:00 Intros and Icebreaker

13:30 Satellite orbits

13:50 Short break

14:00 Satellite spectrum and antennas

14:45 Earth observation use cases

15:15 Q&A

15:30 Close

Satellite Applications Catapult
We help organisations make use of, and benefit from, satellite technologies, and bring together multi-disciplinary teams to generate ideas and solutions in an open innovation environment.
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