SFN Surgeries

31 January
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The SFN are running full-day surgeries.

SMEs can book a one-hour meeting to discuss issues, raise queries or seek guidance from our panel, consisting of a number of space and satellite industry experts.

The next surgery will take place on 31 January and will be held virtually via Teams.

Topics can include:

  • Possible access to finance, including grant finance;
  • Regulatory guidance (licensing and spectrum);
  • Guidance as to business opportunities between companies, including with companies outside the space sector;
  • The BackonBoard Project; and
  • FDI and growth in the UK.

Several Government departments and Ofcom are supporting this initiative.

To arrange a booking, please contact:



To find out more information about the SFN and keep up to date with forthcoming events, please see the SFN website and LinkedIn.

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