Future Networks Development Centre

Location: Westcott Space Cluster

Situated in the heart of Buckinghamshire, the Wescott Future Networks Development Centre (FNDC) offers the opportunity for industry partners and leading academics to work towards a shared vision that will help define and develop the next-generation of terrestrial and satellite 5G infrastructure and applications.

The centre’s focus is on resilient communications, and it provides hardware, software, platform and applications developers’ access to the latest generation of equipment, offering an environment designed to enable product prototyping and product development to start-ups, SMEs and other businesses.

Features within the centre include lab facilities and cloud computing technology.

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What is 5G

5G is the fifth generation of mobile network. It is expected to open up new options for mobile data and it has the potential to bring socio-economic transformations through productivity, sustainability, and well-being. 5G will also offer much faster connectivity and download speeds, as well as offering a greater capacity allowing it to bear the weight of many high-demand applications all at once.

Innovation is driving the growth of a digital society which makes autonomous vehicles, remote surgery, smart parking and mobility a possibility.  5G networks will be paramount in the development of future society. 5G is expected to revolutionise communications by providing seamless connectivity and faster communications through the integration of terrestrial and satellite networks. Seamless connectivity will support new markets for massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC), and Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC) applications.

The applications of 5G span across sectors including the healthcare sector by allowing advancements in precision medicine and remote surgery, and the automotive sector by allowing constant connections between vehicles which has already been exhibited through the use of autonomous vehicles at the 2018 winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Integrated 5G Ecosystem

In an integrated 5G ecosystem, satellite networks are providing a highly dependent and global coverage type of communication. Satellites are well positioned to target high data rate broadcast/multicast services, M2M narrowband services, congestion offload of terrestrial networks (ie. for signalling and/or video) as well as highly distributed and customised enterprise networks (ie. critical infrastructures, dedicated M2M, industrial communic

A Unique Facility

The Westcott FNDC offers a unique facility to test and develop new services and products by accessing the latest wireless applications service equipment and satellite data without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure. This allows you to rapidly prototype and commission new services and applications under representative real-world conditions ahead of your market roll-out.



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