Optisys joins Satellite Applications Catapult’s Co-space facility in Harwell, UK

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Optisys joins Satellite Applications Catapult’s Co-space facility in Harwell, UK.

  • Optisys expands UK footprint by joining Satellite Applications Catapult’s shared Co-space facility in the Electron Building, Harwell.
  • Harwell is a hub UK of space companies with over 200 based there.
  • The new locations allows Optisys to better serve and become more integrated in UK and European Space activities.

Optisys are pleased to announce they have expanded their UK operation by joining the Satellite Applications Catapult’s Co-space facility in Harwell, Oxfordshire, UK.

The Harwell site is home to more than 200 companies dedicated to furthering the utilisation of space for all manner of applications including communications, Earth Observation, and outer space exploration to name a few. Optisys, being able to offer unrivalled antenna products, has the ability to benefit all these RF uses and more.

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