Oxfordshire’s Tech Cluster a Lynchpin For UK Economy’s Competitiveness On Global Stage – Says Key Report

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Quantum computers, autonomous vehicles, digital health and space and satellites all identified as key strengths of Oxfordshire’s science and innovation ecosystem.

Oxfordshire can play a major global role in driving forward the UK economy through four transformative technologies – that’s the conclusion of a new science and innovation report, released today (21 September).

Findings from the Oxfordshire Transformative Technologies Alliance’s science and innovation report (SIA report) says that the county – and the UK – can become a ‘global leader’ through the areas of digital health, space-led data applications, autonomous vehicles and technologies underpinning quantum computing.

It suggests that, by being the lead UK region for these four science and innovation areas, Oxfordshire has the ability to help strengthen the future national economy.

Though the four transformative technologies are at different stages of their commercial development, the SIA report says that the quality of research and innovation – already operating in Oxfordshire – should mean these areas are recognised as having the biggest potential.

The report also notes that these are not the only four ‘themes’ in which Oxfordshire has highly significant or leading science and innovation capacity both across the UK and internationally too.

If fully-utilised, the SIA report suggests the technologies could be worth in the region of £180billion to the UK economy by 2030 – around six per cent of the global economy in these technologies.

As the space-led data applications theme lead, the Satellite Applications Catapult has brought companies and organisations around the vision that Oxfordshire will have 10,000 employees across the space-led data applications value chain by 2030.

Stuart Martin, CEO, Satellite Applications Catapult, said: ‘Space-led data applications is an important driver of economic growth in the Oxfordshire region and through our national activities will drive growth in the wider economy. We are actively working with other Oxfordshire organisations to deliver on our collective ambition, building on the excellent foundations that are already in place.’

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