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"Hello and welcome to the Extractive Industries page where you will find information on what we’re working on with regards to the monitoring and management of the Earth’s resources. We’re supporting the uptake of satellite data within the mining industry in order to improve efficiencies, reduce environmental issues and building stakeholder relationships for local communities. See below for more detail on our focus areas within the extractive industry sector and get in touch if you’d like to know more about working with us on this topic!"

Alastair Lees, Head of Extractive Industries

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Why Extractive Industries?

Why Extractive Industries?

Monitoring the Earth's natural and man-made processes has never been more crucial. There is an urgent and immediate need to protect our invaluable ecosystems whilst ensuring local communities and stakeholders have access to stable employment and economic growth.

To reflect these needs, the mining industry is undergoing transformational changes. The global nature of satellites makes them perfect tool to provide timely and relevant insights about the world around us. The Catapult uses state of the art satellite technologies to create operational efficiencies within the mining sector whilst empowering local communities and reducing, even eliminating where possible, environmental degradation.

We are currently focusing on 3 main areas within this industry, which are further detailed below:

  • Environmental Baseline and Monitoring
  • Facilitating Social Engagement
  • Creating Operational Efficiency

Our Focus Areas

Our activities are currently focused around these areas

Environmental Baseline and Monitoring

Along with the organisations we work with, we are providing satellite enabled assessments of the pre-mining environment and using imagery to provide environmental insights and risk modelling.

Facilitating Social Engagement

We are developing next generation visualisation tools generating stakeholder trust, and directing and monitoring local community impacts.

Creating Operational Efficiency

We are using near real time information to drive evidence-based decision making and provide geological insight both on a local and national scale.



Space-Enabled Extractive Industries

The Satellite Applications Catapult, European Space Agency, and United Nations Crime Institute (UNICRI) together established the MineSense group to provide a platform for stakeholders of the mining and space industries to collaborate and discuss new technologies, opportunities, and solutions to solve challenges of mining industry using space technology.



Visit the MineSense Hub

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Click the button to get in touch with the Extractive Industries team for collaboration enquiries or for further information on our work in this area.

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