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//Health and Wellbeing

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"Welcome to the Health and Wellbeing page, a place where you can find out more about the Catapult’s activities in this key focus area. Satellite applications have a crucial role to play in enabling access to remote self-management solutions, providing remote monitoring and early diagnostics, and facilitating shared clinical-decision making. It is acknowledged in the NHS, and in healthcare systems across the globe, that we must help citizens to manage their own health more effectively. Part of this is definitely about prevention but if we cannot prevent we still want to help people manage their conditions more effectively ideally away from the clinic, in their own homes and local communities."

John Vesey, Business Manager – Health

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Why Health and Wellbeing?
Why Health and Wellbeing?

Why Health and Wellbeing?

Our vision is to use satellite applications to deliver transformational change in the way that healthcare and wellbeing services are delivered.

We are initially targeting the NHS across the UK to demonstrate our ability to diffuse satellite-based innovation at scale before expanding to also focus on export and private healthcare markets. 

The primary focus is scaled diffusion of remote healthcare solutions.  The key use cases are based on managing long term conditions and solutions for improving the efficiency of emergency response; both use cases prioritise early intervention/diagnosis and remote monitoring/consultation, which should reduce service delivery costs and alleviate pressure on hospital/GP services.     

Our Focus Areas

Our current activities are aligned to:

Emergency Response

We're looking to improve the efficiency of ambulances and reduce conveyancing through a number of specific case studies underpinned by ubiquitous connectivity.

Managing Long Term Conditions

Satellite-enabled applications can help manage long term conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, cancers, respiratory diseases and diabetes. Along with the additional impact of mental health, these topics are where healthcare budgets are mainly spent.

Key Developments

How we're working within these areas

Early Intervention and Diagnosis

Early detection and timely treatment will deliver high impact, long-term condition interventions and can reduce the need for more expensive treatment. Studies show intervention is more likely to be taken early where it is offered conveniently to the patient, at home or digitally.

Remote monitoring and consultation

This could change where key transformational healthcare initiatives are delivered and can work towards providing the same levels of care being offered and delivered to all. It also allows people to own their healthcare and to be conscious of their surroundings in regards to green space and impact of air quality.

Healthy Living Lab
Healthy Living Lab

Healthy Living Lab

At Westcott

The Healthy Living Lab at Westcott is being developed to help drive further evolution, enabled by 5G connectivity over satellite and terrestrial comms, and improvement of this eco-system. It is a unique and neutral demonstration space for the development of new services and capabilities for health practitioners and the care pathways they support.

Visit the Healthy Living Lab Homepage

// Get in touch

Click the button to get in touch with the Health & Wellbeing team for collaboration enquiries or for further information on our work in this area.

John Vesey
Business Manager - Health +44 (0)1235 567999
John joined the Satellite Applications Catapult in March 2014 and has worked in a number of roles supporting the public sector in the UK and beyond understand the benefits of satellites for their business as usual. His current role is focused on developing sustainable services for the health and social care sectors, that are underpinned by digital transformations and focus on shifting where care is delivered. John’s previous experience as a Business Intelligence Analyst at Amazon and an Operational Research Analyst for HMRC brings experience from both private and public sector to process improvement and change management practices.
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