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Why Intelligent Transport
Why Intelligent Transport

Why Intelligent Transport

As the demand for movement continues to grow it is becoming increasingly necessary to utilise the current transport options in a more intelligent way. We aim to generate solutions to increased congestion and passenger expectations through the use of satellite technology.

We have been working in this sector for the past 5 years with a main focus on communications and navigation, and are now increasingly exploiting Earth observation data for applications such as pollution and infrastructure monitoring and maintenance.

Our work in Intelligent Transport is currently focused on the following areas. See below for more information on each.

  • Infrastructure
  • Freight and Logistics
  • Automotive

Our Focus Areas

Our activities are currently focused around these areas


Earth observation data is being explored for use in infrastructure monitoring and management, from subsidence monitoring to maintenance planning and safety in the workplace for road workers.

Freight and Logistics

Within the freight and logistics industry we are working on developing applications for seamless connectivity with satellite communications and navigation for end-to-end tracking and real-time planning. In addition, we are developing Earth observation applications for reducing pollution.


We are working extensively on the improvement of connectivity in vehicles for safety, convenience and entertainment purposes. In addition we’re exploring the use of satellite communications and navigation for enhancing the service provided by the emergency services.

Podcast: Saving Structures with Satellites

Podcast: Saving Structures with Satellites

How can data from satellites track structural movement and give early warning of potential failure? New research shows that catastrophic bridge collapses could have been prevented if engineers had been paying attention to the right information, information that is currently being collected by satellites orbiting our planet.

In the latest episode of the Engineering Matters Podcast we’re discussing our latest project – BRIGITAL – which uses radar satellites to detect movement of infrastructure, such as bridges, to support maintenance and aid the prevention of damage. We speak to the engineers making this possible, and their terrestrial counterparts now tasked with figuring out how best to use this new perspective.

Listen now
Podcast: Saving Structures with Satellites

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