Catapult appoints Luis Ramirez to strengthen operations in Chile

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The Satellite Applications Catapult has appointed Luis Ramirez as our Permanent Representative in Chile to strengthen links with Government, corporations, business associations and academia.

Luis will develop the company in Chile and connect it with different economic sectors, to explore how they can benefit from UK innovations in the application of satellite data and technology.

Stuart Martin, CEO, Satellite Applications Catapult said: “We are looking forward to working closely with Luis to build on the relationships we have established in Chile. The Catapult has delivered a number of successful projects working with Government departments and industry, and with Luis’s expertise, we hope to increase collaboration between our two countries.

“One of the Catapult’s key roles is to open international opportunities for the UK satellite applications sector. With Chile playing an active role in the Pacific Alliance, Luis will support the Catapult to reach out to other Latin-American countries and demonstrate the potential for satellite applications to stimulate economic growth.”

The Catapult’s work in Chile focuses on satellite services that deliver sustainable economic, social and environmental benefits. Current projects look at the intersection of the mining and environment sectors, address the issue of illegal fishing in the maritime sector, explore the potential to increase crop yield in the agriculture sector, and increase disaster management capabilities.

The Catapult also has regular meetings with several Government agencies to develop innovation using the possibilities of space technology.

Speaking about his appointment, Luis said: “I am looking forward to expanding the public presence of the Catapult here in Chile and increasing understanding of the economic benefits of using satellite data. It can be challenging for Chilean companies to develop collaborations with non-Chilean organisations. By establishing a Catapult operation here in Santiago, we are excited about the opportunity to expand the use of satellite technologies to drive innovation in Chile, across the Pacific-Alliance and Latin-America.”

Luis has worked directly supporting the work of four Ministers and three deputy Ministers of the Government of Chile. His previous role was as Coordinator of the Executive Secretariat of the Council of Ministers for Space Development of Chile. Outside of work, Luis has led or contributed to several initiatives related to the promotion of the Internet and equitable access to new technologies. Luis holds a degree in Public Administration and a Postgraduate in Political Science from the University of Chile, and Postgraduate studies in Organisational Psychology and Sociology at the London School of Economics.