Catapult runs its first PocketQube event in Poland

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PocketQube Image

The Satellite Applications Catapult, an independent technology and innovation company, is running a two-day event for students in Warsaw on 9-10 December 2014, to enable students to build their very own PocketQube satellites.

Over the summer period, our in-orbit demonstration team worked with our design team, along with two interns, to develop and test the hardware and software, and develop an ‘easy to use’ instruction manual. The rationale of this two-day event is to enable students to build their very own PocketQube satellite, which measures around 5cm cubed, and weighs approximately 180g. Students will have the opportunity to code, hack and test various satellite capabilities and learn the principles of satellite operations.

Paul Febvre, Chief Technical Officer of the Satellite Applications Catapult, said: “The workshop is designed to demonstrate the ease of getting technology into Space and inspiring young innovators and entrepreneurs to see the benefits Space can bring. Space applications and technologies are already used in many business sectors, such as transport, logistics, finance, farming, maritime, and insurance, etc. If we can capture the imagination now of the innovators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, then we can only start to imagine what opportunities are around the corner in this new Space era.”

Whilst in Poland, the Catapult business support and in-orbit demonstration teams will also be meeting with local small businesses, politicians and researchers to discuss opportunities in the UK space industry and potential collaborations moving forward.