First Green Technology Innovation Voucher Awarded

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Our First Green Technology Innovation Voucher has been awarded!

Southwest based AgriAI Has Received the First Green Technology Innovation Voucher from the Environmental Space Living Lab to Enhance Dairy Cow Welfare

We are thrilled to announce the first recipient of our Green Technology Innovation Voucher (GTIV): AgriAI, a technology development company focussing on improving animal welfare and increasing profitability and efficiency in agriculture and farming. Their hoof monitoring project is funded by Innovate UK and has potential to transform the detection of dairy cow lameness with potential cross market applications.

The Hoof Monitor is an AI powered thermal imaging tool designed to help farmers to identify lameness in their herds. By detecting temperature changes in individual legs and feet, the device allows for early intervention, improving cow welfare and reducing economic losses from lameness-related issues. This also contributes to more environmentally sustainable milk production.

While current methods for monitoring lameness include mobility scoring (observing the animal walk), accelerometer-based precision technology and AI-based visual gait analysis, the Hoof Monitor innovation is using thermal indicators.  The tool detects changes in temperature in individual legs and feet, enabling identification before the condition visibly affects the cow, allowing for earlier treatment, minimising costs and production losses.

The prototype is currently being tested with a 200-strong herd at Agri-EPI’s Southwest Dairy Development Centre in Shepton Mallet, Somerset. Future trials will extend to larger commercial farms, advancing this promising technology in real-world settings.

How the Environmental Space Living Lab’s Green Technology Innovation Vouchers Are Supporting AgriAI’s Innovative Journey

Green Technology Innovation Vouchers provide up to £10,000 of support to Agritech businesses, enabling access to the Environmental Space Living Lab (ESLL) facilities and expertise, assisting companies on their journey from concept to market. The ESLL and GTIV’s are open to any UK-based business that meets the scope and criteria listed here.

The ESLL team will be supporting AgriAI in multiple areas including business model canvas, user research planning, competitor analysis, articulation of value proposition, intellectual property and supply chain mapping.

We will also be supporting in areas around working space, connectivity via 5G, technical design reviews, electromagnetic interference, rapid prototyping and 3D printing through our real-world testing site at Petroc’s Centre of Technology & Innovation, utilising their facilities, equipment and expertise.

James Willcox, the Director of AgriAI reflected on the award: “This support voucher from the Satellite Application Catapult will allow the team to further develop the system towards a product utilising the CAD and 3D printing facilities as well as drawing on support from ESLL experts.”

In conclusion: Empowering AgriAI’s Green Technology Vision

We are excited to be working with AgriAI and supporting their innovative project through the Green Technology Innovation Vouchers, and are confident that their success will inspire many more innovations in the Agritech sector.

Joel Freedman, the Head of Innovation Services at Satellite Applications Catapult remarked: “This is the first of five available slots, so we are excited to see the next high-potential businesses to be awarded the remaining vouchers. We’re bridging the gap between private sector innovators, entrepreneurs, and end users. The Environmental Space Living Lab (ESLL) allows real-world testing of products and services, and with Green Tech Innovation Vouchers, UK-based innovators receive the support needed to accelerate their ideas to market.”

If you have a product or services in the Agritech and sustainability markets that meets the scope and criteria, please apply here. Or reach out to Tony Higson, Business Innovation Manager for the ESLL at