ManagePlaces win UKESNC 2013

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Congratulations to Manage Places who won the UKESNC 2013 with their idea for a location based project management tool. ManagePlaces were one of 68 qualifying entries into this years competition.

Today, it is commonpractice for companies both big and small to have team members working awayfrom their central office. Managing workflows within these geographicallydisparate teams is often a chore involving email chains, constantinstant-messaging, and the sharing of documents. Cloud computing has made this vastlymore efficient, but there is a long way to go in the realm of remote teammanagement.

To simplify this process, ManagePlaces stores all of anorganisation’s data in one system and provides a customisable dashboard thatlets managers see the information they actually need. It deals with allpossible kinds of remote working scenarios, including project, document, asset,team, task, and location management. Using ManagePlaces leads to betterworkflows, less downtime, and increased task transparency. The live mappingfunction dynamically maps all tasks and assets, showing their exact locationand status. The mapping functionality allows users, for example, to viewhotspots where overdue projects are located. Additionally, users can track alltheir assets, such as vehicles and devices, in one system. ManagePlaces has autility for almost any business that runs remotely.