Sorair Technologies departs to new site after a successful tenancy in the Westcott Innovation Centre

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After over a year in Satellite Applications Catapult’s Westcott Innovation Centre (WIC), Sorair Technologies are departing their office space after a successful campaign of testing and validating their drone flight capabilities, in order to move to a larger site to expand their operations.

Sorair Technologies provides Autonomous Surveillance Systems, a management system that leverages AI technology within cameras plus smoke/fire alarms to manage and detect threats; and autonomous vehicles to patrols sites, respond to threats and gather granular data for law enforcement and insurance providers.

Sorair Technologies offer a variety of surveillance solutions for security, fire safety, and monitoring.

During their time at WIC, Sorair set up a communications control centre, allowing them to remotely make use of the Drone Test and Development Facility to demonstrate their autonomous systems to clients. This also allowed them to test and improve their technology and develop their offering as a company.

After securing their first set of clients, Sorair are ready now to take the next step by expanding their staff and moving to a new location. As the company exits the research and development phase of the business, their new office in a building on the south side of Westcott Venture Park will enable the company to begin business development as they scale up to deployment.

Sorair’s Autonomous Vehicle Module enables them to deploy drones for far more flexible surveillance than static cameras alone.

Sorair is now exploring autonomous surveillance solutions for ports, retail estates, and vacant property and land. As their business grows, their top priorities are to secure approval for Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight operations from the Civil Aviation Authority, and finalise their extended pre-seed funding round – these two factors combined will allow them to further expand their team, take on more clients, and continue to develop their product.

The WIC building, located at Westcott Venture Park, offers both offices and technical spaces that are perfect for companies at the start of their product development journey. WIC tenants also gain access to numerous other Catapult facilities for testing their products, whether these are drones, antennas, robotics, or more. Please click here to find out more about the Westcott Innovation Centre and our facilities at Westcott.

Westcott Venture Park is a former RAF base that has been developed into a hub for businesses to turn their ingenuity into success. The Park has a long history as a rocket test site – with the first rockets being tested on the site in 1946 – and continues to be an innovation hub for the space propulsion, drones, manufacturing, sustainability and other industries. Find out more about Westcott Venture Park by clicking here.