The Satellite Applications Catapult Appoints New Chief Technology Officer

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The Satellite Applications Catapult announced today that Richard Lowe has been appointed as its new Chief Technology Officer. Richard will take up the post immediately, having held the role on an interim basis since February.

Richard takes up the reigns from Paul Febvre, who has stepped down after more than 11 years.  The appointment follows the completion of a formal recruitment process, led by the Satellite Applications Catapult’s CEO, John Abbott.

Richard has a long career in the space industry and joined the Satellite Applications Catapult in 2022 as Technical Director – a role with far-reaching responsibilities for applications including connectivity, geospatial technologies and user-centred design, alongside upstream areas including satellite missions and in-orbit servicing and manufacturing.

Richard previously worked for RheaTech at the UK Space Agency, leading engineering activities for the UK Space-Based PNT programme. He led innovation and technology governance at Telespazio UK, where he had also been in charge of their Earth Observation group. He also worked at VEGA on Galileo, Europe’s navigation system after starting his career at ESOC in Germany, developing training simulators for ESA’s Rosetta Comet Lander and Mars Express mission control teams.

John Abbott, CEO of the Satellite Applications Catapult said:

“We are delighted to confirm Richard as our new CTO. His experience in all of the major space technology disciplines and with many of the largest organisations in the sector make him an ideal choice for the Catapult. I look forward to working with him as his leadership, expertise, strength of character and industry knowledge help to shape our work and influence the success of the UK space sector.”

In accepting the new role, Richard Lowe said:

“It’s a real privilege to be appointed as the CTO for the Satellite Applications Catapult. The capabilities of the space sector already provide so much value to our daily lives – from navigation to communications to observing our planet. But space is changing. It’s becoming more accessible, more congested and more critical to our way of life.

“The UK must build on our great record in satellite innovation – we need to work hard to stay at the forefront globally. That’s not just the technology but the whole business journey. Here at the Catapult, we can help organisations to invent and deliver that future.”