The Space Enterprise Community

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The Space Enterprise Community is a new online platform designed to provide a collaborative, user friendly and centralised platform for the UK space sector. Designed to help connect a wide variety of organisations and individuals working in the sector across all UK regions, the Network is the result of extensive research, scoping and development by the Catapult’s Regional Growth team (supported by the UKSA), in answer to challenges posed by colleagues across the country.

As well as connecting all commercial, academic, research and public sector stakeholders, it provides a location on which to store and share news, events, opportunities and resources. The platform also acts to encourage conversation and raise the profile of innovative projects and programmes taking place nationwide.

The Catapult’s short-term aim is to allow the network to grow organically, based on the needs of its users and the way in which they interact with one another. The ultimate ambition is to see the Space Enterprise Community become the go-to resource for space sector professionals.  The Catapult is also committed to working in partnership with other platforms already in place to collectively promote the UK within the global space community.

To join the Space Enterprise Community, please visit or email with any questions.