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Sentinel Data Access Service (SEDAS)

The Sentinel Data Access Service (SEDAS) was an online portal enabling end-users to search and download data from Sentinel 1 & 2 satellites – aiming to lower barriers to entry and create the foundations for an integrated approach to satellite data access, as well as provide an informative and collaborative resource for users.

The SEDAS portal is no longer operational. We have complied a list of various data sources to suit your needs. If you have any further questions, please contact


ESA source for Sentinel-1 (SLC and GRD) and Sentinel-2 (L1C and L2A), with global coverage.

Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF)

Free source of Sentinel-1 data (SLC, GRD, ARD), available globally.

Sentinel Hub

An engine for processing of petabytes of satellite data. It is opening the doors for machine learning and helping hundreds of application developers worldwide.

Google Earth Engine

Sentinel-1 (ARD) and Sentinel-2 (L1C and L2A), freely available service for researchers, as well as a commercial service.

GitHub Earth Observation Code

A curated list of awesome tools, tutorials, code, helpful projects, links, stuff about Earth Observation and Geospatial material.

GitHub Satellite Imagery Datasets

List of aerial and satellite imagery datasets with annotations for computer vision and deep learning.

Planetary Computer (Microsoft)

Access to higher level products S1 (GRD) and S2 (L2A), globally from 2016 onwards, hosted on Cloud infrastructure.

Earth on AWS

Sentinel-1 (GRD) and Sentinel-2 (L2C and L2A) are available from 2016 with global coverage, hosted on cloud infrastructure.

Google Cloud Platform

Provides access to global Sentinel-1 L1C data hosted on cloud infrastructure.

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