Space Placements in INdustry (SPIN) scheme

The Space Placements in INdustry scheme (SPIN) has been designed to provide an introductory link for those considering employment in the space sector and space sector organisations looking to find the most talented and enthusiastic people to ensure the future success of their businesses. The scheme is managed by the UK Space Agency and supported by the Satellite Applications Catapult.

The value of practical experience in the workplace has long been recognised to offer benefits to the spintern, providing valuable experience of the work environment and the skills that are crucial to a successful career, and benefits to the sponsor or host organisation who can identify a project that might otherwise not be achievable, carried out with a fresh pair of eyes and perhaps a fresh perspective on their own organisation and possibly provide an informal extended interview of a potential employee.

The scheme has been running since 2013 and continues to grow in popularity.  We always encourage enquiries from potential host organisations who have a short-term project (typically of eight weeks duration), and who would like to offer individuals the opportunity to gain new skills and an insight into their business.

We welcome applications from individuals from all disciplines who are enthusiastic to work in the space sector and are keen to develop new skills, applying and building on the knowledge they’ve acquired in their studies to date.

SPIN Frequently Asked Questions

2018 Projects

Project Title Ref Company Name Location Closing Date
Feasibility study: Radar Wind Profiles at Sea 18/51 S&AO Ltd. Harwell, Oxford/Home University CLOSED
Real-Time Earth Observations Feed Development 18/53 Space time Development Ltd Harwell, Oxford CLOSED
Validation of Field-Weather Forecasts Using Satellite Observations 18/54 Weather Logistics Ltd. Ingenuity Centre, Nottingham CLOSED
Research and development of breakthrough alternative propellant Electric and Hybrid propulsion systems 18/48 AVS UK Harwell, Oxford CLOSED
Electronic design of a High Voltage Power Processing Unit for Electric Propulsion systems 18/49 AVS UK Harwell, Oxford CLOSED
Sentinel-1 SAR Forest Disturbance Mapping 18/50 Carbomap Ltd. Edinburgh CLOSED
Sheffield University Rocket Innovative Design Engineering 18/52 University of Sheffield University of Sheffield CLOSED
Start-up Space UK Analysis 18/55 Bryce Space and Technology Limited Harwell, Oxford & London CLOSED
Autonomous Flight Termination Systems for Micro-Launchers 18/56 Deimos Space UK Ltd. Harwell, Oxford CLOSED
LEO Orbit Prediction Stability and Forecasting 18/57 Lacuna Space Harwell, Oxford (and Remotely) CLOSED
Ground Systems Equipment (GSE) Supplier Study 18/58 Lockheed Martin UK Helensburgh, Scotland CLOSED
UK Launch OMV Systems Integration Laboratory 18/59 Lockheed Martin UK Harwell, Oxford CLOSED
Chemical Engineer/Technician 18/60 Skyrora Newquay, Cornwall CLOSED
UK Launch Site and Service Development 18/61 UK Launch Services Ltd. London, UK CLOSED
3D Volcanic Plume Observation from Space 18/62 University of Bristol Bristol, UK CLOSED
LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Constellation and Global Ground Network Fault Analysis Visualisation Tool 18/63 OneWeb London, UK CLOSED
Orbital 500R Orbital Varaint Market Case, Mission Profile and Technical Requirements 18/64 Orbital Access Ltd. Prestwick CLOSED

You can see all of the previous projects from this year below.

Project Descriptions are uploaded as we receive them from companies. It is up to you to keep an eye out for new opportunities, which can arrive at any time. We also advertise them via Twitter (using #SPIN18), Facebook and LinkedIn.


Please complete the form below to apply for open projects. If you have any questions regarding SPIN, please email

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Other Opportunities:

The Satellite Applications Catapult also hosts other internships which are run throughout the year, which can be found on our vacancies page.

2018 Closed Projects

Project Title Ref Company Name Location Closing Date
Mechanical Engineering Support for Space Deployable Antennas 18/46 Oxford Space Systems Harwell CLOSED
Evaluating a Spaceplane’s Performance through the Atmosphere and into Orbit 18/45 University of the West of England Bristol CLOSED
Machine Learning for Camera Systems 18/44 Archangel Imaging Harwell CLOSED
High Speed Communication Electronics for Optical Communication Systems 18/43 Archangel Lightworks Harwell CLOSED
LEO Satellite Communication Systems 18/42 Archangel Lightworks Harwell CLOSED
EO Application Software Development: Locust biopesticide efficacy from Earth Observation data 18/41 Assimila Limited Reading CLOSED
Populating an “AgroMet DataCube” for crop pest modelling in sub-Saharan Africa 18/40 Assimila Limited Reading CLOSED
Drought and Flood Mitigation Service 18/39 RHEA Tech Harwell CLOSED
SunbYte: Sheffield University Nova Balloon Lifted Telescope with NASA 18/38 The University of Sheffield Sheffield CLOSED
Space Careers Development Placement 18/37 Milton Keynes CLOSED
Development of a space-borne GNSS receiver subsystem using COTS 18/36 Open Cosmos Harwell CLOSED
AI for Space Robotics 18/35 GMV Innovating Solutions Harwell CLOSED
Validation Campaign for a Novel Internet of Things (IoT) Satellite 18/34 Lacuna Space Harwell CLOSED
Validation and Test of a Novel Internet of Things (IoT) Satellite 18/33 Lacuna Space Harwell CLOSED
PROSPECTing for Lunar Water: Sample Camera for a Moon Lander 18/32 The Open University Milton Keynes CLOSED
NightLights: Business Case & User Requirements 18/31 Alba Orbital Glasgow CLOSED
Developing and Deploying Feature Extraction Algorithms using Innovative New Methods 18/30 Spottitt Harwell CLOSED
Weather Monitoring for Satellite Communications 18/29 Goonhilly Earth Station Cornwall CLOSED
Website Content and Development 18/28 Geocento Harwell CLOSED
Cloud Masking of Optical Imagery 18/27 Geocento Harwell CLOSED
Aircraft 3D Real-Time Tracing and Colliding Detection with Map Elevation 18/26 Satellite Applications Catapult Harwell CLOSED
Identifying Opportunities for Satellite Services among Organisations with Responsibilities for Monitoring and Managing Coastal Regions 18/25 Satellite Applications Catapult Harwell CLOSED
Augmented Intelligence 18/24 MeVitae Harwell CLOSED
Nanosatellite imager implementation 18/23 Satellite Applications Catapult Harwell CLOSED
Orbital Witness SPINintern 18/22 Satellite Applications Catapult Harwell CLOSED
Unplanned urban growth and its contribution to the impacts of a disaster 18/21 Satellite Applications Catapult Harwell CLOSED
Evaluating state-of-the-art open source deep learning techniques and their applicability to satellite Earth Observation datasets 18/20 Satellite Applications Catapult Harwell CLOSED
Modelling the inundation extent of tailings dam failures using Earth Observation 18/19 Satellite Applications Catapult Harwell CLOSED
Evaluating the Satellite Earth Observation in a compute-abundant world: an evaluation of Geospatial Data Analysis Platforms 18/18 Satellite Applications Catapult Harwell CLOSED
Assessment of satellite-terrestrial integration novel product development in the 5G environment for the drones market 18/17 Satellite Applications Catapult Harwell CLOSED
Characterising astronomical detector using Android phone 18/16 The Open University Milton Keynes CLOSED
Modelling oxygen extraction from lunar rocks for in-situ use on the Moon 18/15 The Open University Milton Keynes CLOSED
Characterising the detectors for the Soft X-ray Imager on SMILE 18/14 The Open University Milton Keynes CLOSED
Analysis of NOMAD-UVIS data from the ExoMars orbiter mission to Mars. 18/13 The Open University Milton Keynes CLOSED
Optical Systems Team Placement 18/12 SSTL Guildford CLOSED
Option 1: Compression of Video from Space
Option 2: Research the ability to detect wind turbine activity from space – graduate opportunity
18/11 Earth-i Guildford CLOSED
Cinematic Animation for Engineering Visualisation, Rapid EO Prototyping and Client Visualisation – graduate opportunity 18/10 Alba Orbital Glasgow CLOSED
Evaluating the Interoperability of Analysis Ready Data over the UK – graduate opportunity 18/09 Satellite Applications Catapult Harwell CLOSED
Prototype of EO data storage infrastructure for new Open Cosmos nanosatellite mission – graduate opportunity 18/08 Open Cosmos Harwell CLOSED
Earth Observation data preparation and analysis for machine learning – graduate opportunity 18/07 Deimos Space UK Ltd Harwell CLOSED
Oceans as a predictor for daily rainfall risk – graduate opportunity 18/06 Weather Logistics Ltd Nottingham CLOSED
Finding innovative ways use existing data to train and validate satellite imagery feature extraction algorithms – graduate opportunity 18/05 Spottitt Ltd Harwell CLOSED
Radar Wind Profiler at Sea (RWP@Sea) – Feasibility study for the hardware concept – graduate opportunity 18/04 S&AO Ltd Harwell CLOSED
Improving sustainable agriculture in Uganda: building an Early Warning Platform – graduate opportunity 18/03 RHEATECH LTD Harwell CLOSED
Enabling new EO technologies for air quality markers – graduate opportunity 18/02 AVS UK Ltd Harwell CLOSED
Advanced Concepts Team Placement (Ref 180116 TAS UK) – 12 month placement 18/01 Thales Alenia Space Bristol CLOSED

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