Bonus: National Space Partnership


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The National Space Strategy was published in September 2021, bringing together the UK’s strengths in science and technology, defence, regulation and diplomacy to pursue a bold national vision of growing the UK as a science and technology superpower. The Strategy is a considerable undertaking and driving it forward will require knowledge, insight, and evidence of where new interventions are best targeted.

The National Space Partnership will build a much-needed, unified relationship between Government, industry, and academia, providing co-ordinated strategic insight and advice to the space sector, creating an agile and robust approach to supporting the delivery of the National Space Strategy.

Visit the National Space Partnership website >>

Episode Guests


Ruth Mallors-Ray


RMR Consultants

Andy Shaw

Director and Principal Consultant

Assimila Ltd

Mark Presley


MAP Analytica

Episode Host


Sarah Cruddas

Sarah is a space journalist, international TV host and award winning author. She has an academic background in astrophysics and is a global thought leader in the growing commercial space sector.

Within the space industry Sarah works at the highest level, traveling the globe working to develop the commercial space sector. She also sits on the board of directors of Space for Humanity, a global non-profit dedicated to democratising access to space and is an honorary advocate of the Space Frontier Foundation.

Sarah’s mission is to inspire a diverse audience about why space exploration matters, how it has shaped all of our lives and why we all need to look up a little more. Space is for everyone.

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