S4 EP5: Space Law

Series 4

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In this episode of In-Orbit, we’re discussing Space Law, and the role of the UK in developing it.

Humanity’s expansion into space raises a myriad of legal questions and challenges. Who owns the resources beyond our atmosphere? How do we regulate space traffic and prevent collisions in orbit? Today we’re exploring the historical precedents, current regulations, and future implications of governing the expanse of space. 

Episode Guests


Lilith Salisbury

Contract Management Analyst

Satellite Applications Catapult

Laetitia Cesari

Doctoral Researcher

University of Luxembourg

PJ Blount

International Space Law and Telecommunications Law

Cardiff University

Episode Host


Dallas Campbell

Broadcaster and Writer

Dallas presents some of television’s most popular factual programmes, his immersive documentaries lift the curtain on our human planet, giving audiences of all ages and backgrounds an exclusive backstage pass to some of the world’s most fascinating stories, ideas and places.

Beyond television, Dallas is an author, speaker, and ambassador for STEM education. He works closely with several major outreach initiatives which help kids across the UK think creatively about technology and innovation. He works internationally with the British Council’s FameLab project, designing and running workshops for early career academics, helping them hone their science communication skills.


  • You can find PJ’s profile on the Cardiff University website here.
  • You can find Laetitia’s profile on the University of Luxembourg website here.
  • ‘The Oxford Handbook of Space Security’ co-authored by PJ Blount is available here.


In these short bonus episodes we’re going to be continuing the conversation from our main episodes, focusing in on a particular topic or an idea or a point of view or something that piqued our interest.

In today’s episode we’re sitting down with PJ Blount, International Space Law and Telecommunications Law Lecturer at Cardiff University. We’re exploring space traffic management. What is it? How do we keep space operations safe? Space orbits usable? And space accessible for decades to come, while ensuring the future trajectory of the space industry.

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