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IOD-5 TARS was launched on 3 September 2:51am BST!

This mission is in collaboration with Kepler Communications, to deliver the final prototype satellite for Kepler’s game-changing constellation of 140 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) communications satellites, accelerating their ability to test initial proof-of-concept service delivery with customers.

Seamless connectivity remains a challenge for many Internet of Things (IoT) developers, solution providers, businesses, and governments alike whose needs, despite the latest advancements in wireless technology, are still largely unmet. Widespread terrestrial cellular infrastructure has many variations in frequency bands and network technology, which creates a barrier when solution providers seek to deliver globally-connected products.


Compared with traditional geostationary satellites, orbiting at 36,000 km, Kepler’s new LEO constellation is specifically designed to facilitate the development of products and services that provide affordable access to connectivity for global IoT applications.

This mission follows on from the successful launches of Kepler’s first two demonstrators, KIPP and CASE, which are now in orbit.

The IOD partnership sees Kepler building a UK supply chain for their satellite constellation, and a European sales operation based in the UK to work with UK technology partners to develop innovative products and services making use of its global satcom solution. These activities will provide a direct economic benefit to the UK.

Kepler developed their payload technology for IOD-5 TARS which was shipped to Galsgow-based AAC Clyde Space for the build and integration – the last few months have consisted of multiple building and testing stages.

Global connectivity is critical to innovation and economic growth. We need to address current gaps in service if we are to achieve our bold ambitions for a digital economy underpinned by the Internet of Things.

Stuart Martin, CEO, Satellite Applications Catapult

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