Space Enterprise Community

Supporting the growth of the UK space sector, through the creation of a more transparent and connected ecosystem


About the Space Enterprise Community

The UK space sector is a dynamic community made up of an extensive and disparate network of groups, organisations and individuals. While this community is responsible for driving a wide variety of fantastic, innovative, globally recognised projects and programmes, it is also acknowledged that the highly regional nature of UK business and governance presents a risk to the growth of the sector.

The Space Enterprise Community has been designed to help address this challenge, connecting commercial, academic, research and public sector stakeholders from each region with one another and providing a supportive, collaborative and user friendly platform for all parties.

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The Space Enterprise Community will help highlight potential synergies and partnerships, stimulating ideas and conversations and providing a gateway to collated resources, events, links, and contacts that might otherwise be difficult to identify.

Our aim is to allow the community to grow organically, based on the needs of its users and the way in which they interact with one another.

Our ultimate ambition is to see the community become the go-to resource for space sector professionals, however, we also acknowledge the existence of other platforms that are already in place across the UK, and we are committed to working with them to help collectively benefit the UK and its place within the global space community.


Space Enterprise Labs

The way in which we work has fundamentally changed over the last few years and communicating virtually is now no longer the exception.

Alongside the development of the Space Enterprise Community, the Satellite Applications Catapult have adapted and optimised their services over the last 12 months. But as their stakeholders have started to re-engage physically, these practices have had to evolve once more, ensuring they can continue to innovate and collaborate effectively and efficiently.