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About the Space Enterprise Community

The UK space sector is a vibrant ecosystem comprising diverse stakeholder communities, renowned for numerous innovative and globally recognised projects and programmes. However, the sector has traditionally lacked a cohesive systems approach to unite these varied forces and foster collaboration towards a shared vision for the future.

The Space Enterprise Community (SEC) platform has been designed to help address this challenge and support the UK Space Ecosystem to connect and thrive, offering users a selection of tools, resources and groups that connect stakeholders from different communities to enable collaboration while providing support and real-time updates on the latest news, events and opportunities.

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The community exists to help highlight potential synergies and partnerships, stimulating ideas and conversations and providing a gateway to collated resources, events, links and contacts that might otherwise be difficult to identify.

Set up in 2021, the SEC platform has now grown organically to become the leading place where to find out more about the UK space sector, and for professionals that use or benefit from space data and technology to network. Our user-led approach ensures that the community is self-sustained and meets the needs of the users based on the content they post and the way they interact with one another.


The SEC platform, now at your fingertips. Transform the way you connect by downloading the newly relaunched SEC App for iOS and Android devices. Stay informed with instant notifications, network on the move, and access events, news and opportunities with just a tap. Click below to download our mobile app.



One vision, three goals

Networking Opportunities

Stakeholders can easily find and connect with each other based on specific needs and areas of interest, with a focus on diverse representation within the space industry.

Centralised Knowledge Hub

One-stop destination for valuable industry information, real-time updates on funding opportunities and grants, space relevant events, market trends, and relevant news.

Streamlined Collaboration

We facilitate partnerships and collaboration between users, organisations, and space clusters through specific community groups with discussion forums and much more.


The Space Enterprise Community is the online platform for the UK Space Ecosystem.

Satellite Applications Catapult and the UK Space Agency (UKSA) are working with partners to develop a thriving and connected UK Space Ecosystem. Together we accomplish this by supporting businesses to start up, scale and innovate, connecting communities to benefit from space, and stimulating the growth of national capabilities.

Complementing this virtual community of collaboration and knowledge sharing, the Space Enterprise Labs offer physical places across the UK for space innovation. Together, they integrate online engagement with real-world development.

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