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User Guide

The UK Space Capabilities Catalogue (UKSCC) includes Satellite Manufacturing (upstream) and Satellite Applications (downstream) organisations. By providing this user interface, Satellite Applications Catapult hopes to be able to showcase what the UK has to offer the world and in mapping it as we have done, we also want to provide clarity for businesses and Key Decision Makers who are looking at where innovation is taking place across the UK.

The UKSCC is designed to present rich data in a digestible manner, to help with searching this data, we have categorised organisations in a number of ways, such as by region and by market (these tags are subject to change). On first glance, you will see a map of the UK, two pie charts (one representing the Regions of the UK and the other representing Markets), and a table with a number of organisations.

By default, all organisations are shown on the map, pie charts, and table. If you directly click on one of the pie charts, Regions or Markets, the map and table will change to represent businesses in that Region or that Market. To change the pie charts to represent only a select Market or Region, use the drop-down boxes above each of the pie charts to filter the map, alternate pie chart, and table by that specific criteria, e.g. selecting Scotland will change the Market pie chart to represent the make-up of Scotland and the table will change to show only Scottish businesses. You can then select a Market in the drop-down box above the Market pie chart to further filter the table by Market, e.g. selecting Access to Space will now filter the table by Scotland and Access to Space.

If you now wish to expand the table for ease of viewing, there will be a “focus mode” button in the top right corner, clicking on this will expand the table. This “focus mode” feature is available in the top right of all elements, including the pie charts and map.

Feedback is welcome on how we provide a better tool, which including any omissions and edits, ways of expanding or further filtering, and curating the content in the future.