The Race to Net Zero: Actionable Steps Towards Innovating for Cleaner Air

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Air pollution causes 7 million deaths worldwide every year and can have a devastating impact on the lives of people affected by respiratory illnesses. By taking measures to reduce air pollution, such as moving towards using zero-emissions vehicles for transport and adopting measures that will lead us towards net zero, we are not only protecting our people but also our planet.

In this virtual event, the first event in the Catapult’s Year of Climate series, we explored the question: How can the space industry work together with industries, charities, and individuals to innovate for a cleaner, healthier, safer planet for us all?

Hear from sustainability directors, innovators, and scientists on what they have learned on their journeys towards net-zero economies, and how they have been able to influence behavioural change in people and society for the planet.

Together, we consider the role that space-based technologies can play in both monitoring air pollutants and their sources but also enable actionable information to allow us all to make informed decisions that mend our planet.